Inglot Brow Powder No 562 Review, Swatches



Inglot freedom system brow powder no. 562 review

Hey everyone,

Hope you are all doing well. I thought I would review a brow powder today. A few months ago I was least bothered about filling in my eyebrows because I use to think they look very artificial sorts. But then I started growing and changing my eye brow shape. Because of that there were certain gaps in between my brows. I started using simple eye shadow powder to fill them in. But it was tough to open 88 colour palette everytime I wanted to fill them in, so one day I saw this brow powder online and decided to get one. This one was gifted to me as a part of my birthday present. I have been using it ever since, so lets move on to the review.

inglot brow powder review

Price:- 300/- with 50 shipping charges and 50 COD charges.

I have grown my eye brows and made them thicker. I really like the shape but then my eye brows are not that full, so I need to use a brow powder sometimes and it gives them a very nice shape and a full effect. The colour I ordered was no. 562, I was very unsure of which colour to go for so I just randomly picked up a medium brown shade. The colour is a dark brown with some reddish undertones. If you use too much of it, it will make your eye brows weird looking. So make sure just to use a little quantity.

inglot brow powder

The powder is very soft and is easily picked up by any thin brush used to fill in the brows. I use an ELF brush for this purpose. There is minimum fall out and the colour applies with ease. The quantity is also good since at a time you don’t require too much of it. I tried fitting this inside my Mac palette but its magnet repels it. I have since then stored it in that plastic outer covering only. But soon I shall make a magnetic palette and transfer it into that.

inglot brow powder

The powder lasts all day since we rarely touch our eye brows. This is a major plus point because you cannot keep filling them in all day. Also I think it can be used as an eye shadow too. I have personally never tried doing that but I think it will make an awesome outer corner colour. The texture is smooth and it is really pigmented.

Overall, I think it is a decent product and is available in many other colours. I would recommend seeing them in store before ordering because had I done that I am sure I would have gone for a colour with more brown undertones and perhaps one which was a bit lighter. Since I use very little quantity, it works pretty well for me. I would definitely recommend trying their brow powder as they are very nice considering the price they’re available at.

1. Smooth texture
2. Pigmented
3. Easy to use
4. Lasts all day
5. Available in a variety of colours
6. Inexpensive

1. Has red undertones
2. Using too much may look weird

Overall rating:- 4.5/5

Swatches :

Inglot brow powder swatch

On brows :

Before and after

Would I repurchase?

I don’t think this is gonna finish up son, but if it does then yes, but in a different colour.

Have a good week . 🙂

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