Inglot Brush Cleanser Review

Hello ladies,

I am back with another review from Inglot. I purchased Inglot brush cleanser as I had got great reviews about this. I really needed this product as I am very lazy in cleaning or washing my brushes regularly. It is also because I am not too much into makeup and cosmetic products due to sensitive skin problem. So let us jump into the review without wasting any time.

Inglot Brush Cleanser

Price: I got it for INR 700 for 150ml |BUY THIS PRODUCT HERE|
Isopropyl alcohol, water, sodium, cocoyl glutamate, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, potassium, sorbate, hexylene glycol.
Product Description:
An alcohol-based spray with a gentle and effective formula to thoroughly cleanse the brushes. Helps keep natural and synthetic hair in top condition.

Inglot Brush Cleanser details

My Experience with Inglot Brush Cleanser:

It is quite an old launch from Inglot which comes in transparent plastic spray bottle. As it is really important to stay from unhygienic brush bacteria and also to protect us from skin problems I thought of investing in a good brush cleanser once and for all. I loved the size of the product considering the price. The packaging is simple and easy to carry everywhere.

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Inglot Brush Cleanser name

It is a blessing when you are running short of time because you can use this on your brushes whenever needed. I use it directly on my makeup brushes and swipe it on a tissue paper. The fragrance is a con of this product as it is an alcoholic fragrance but that does not really matter because when you swipe off your wet brushes on a tissue paper, the smell vanishes. Also it works best to get rid of even highly pigmented makeup products. So according to me it is a must have product for all of the makeup addicts.

Pros of Inglot Brush Cleanser:

• Easy to use.
• Affordable.
• Brushes dry quickly.
• Disinfects the brushes easily.
• Travel friendly bottle.

Cons of Inglot Brush Cleanser:

• Alcoholic smell.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Inglot Brush Cleanser?
Yes, of course a must have product for all the girls.

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  1. i havent tried any brush cleanser apart from mac and once sephora… . i am def picking this up next. it’s high time i changed my brush cleanser. good review :))

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