Inglot Dry and Shine Nail Enamel Drying Drops Review

Inglot Dry and Shine Nail Enamel Drying Drops Review

Hi Beauties,

I am sure all of us want perfect nail polish application on our nails. I can vouch this for myself at least.  I usually apply my nail polish in the night, after all work is done, my kiddo is asleep, I have visited the loo, turned on the TV, etc., – so that nothing can come between my nail polish and its drying.  I apply my nail polish most painstakingly, then sit in front of the TV with the fan speed fully on and watch all the boring teleshopping programs while I give enough time for my nail polish to dry (I am talking about many popular brands available in India).  Sometimes, I have even waited for 3 hours, I tentatively touch it – heave a sigh of relief, yes, it has dried.  Then, I go to sleep, and the next morning – horror of all horrors!!! The bedsheet has got printed on the nail polish and the nail polish has stained my bedsheets – I scream!! Literally – oh Lord – why oh why? I read somewhere that if you put your hands in ice cold water, it will dry quickly, but it has not worked that well on me.

Inglot Dry and Shine Nail Enamel Drying Drops

And who wants to go into all that mess every time we put nail polish.  I have tried base coats, top coats, everything possible, but to no avail.  So, out comes my remover and I am removing my nail polish, I am in such a bad mood.  Seriously, I must have bought more nail polish removers than nail polish.
So, when I was at the Inglot store, after I had bought my nail enamels, I tentatively asked him, “do you have something which will make my nail polish dry faster?” Pat came the reply, yes there is and he brought out this product – Inglot Dry and Shine, and I am still skeptical.  But I buy it nonetheless – oh well! What is another product when I have already bought so many? I have used it many times till now with different nail enamels and the result is the same – yay, I have hit jackpot!

Inglot Dry and Shine Nail Enamel Drying Drops

Product Details:

Shining silicones make nail enamel dry faster providing a longer lasting, higher gloss finish.  Not tested on animals.


Disiloxane, Phenyl Trimethicone, Diisostearoyl Trimethylopropane Siloxy Silicate, Phenylpropyldimethylsiloxysilicate.

Inglot Dry and Shine Nail Enamel Drying Drops


Rs. 600/- for 9 ml.

My Experience with Inglot Dry and Shine Nail Enamel Drying Drops:

The product comes in a slim, transparent glass bottle, packaged in a white color box packaging. The bottle has a dropper inside, which precisely controls the drop rate. The product is transparent, like water. I apply my regular nail polish (which I know dries very, very late), then without waiting, I immediately put one drop on each nail – there done!

Inglot Dry and Shine Nail Enamel Drying Drops

The moment the drop falls on the nail polish, it is absolutely dry and very shiny. My nail polish is completely dry as if magic – no accidental chipping, no nicks,  no smear marks on bed sheets.  It is indeed a miraculous product. With one drop on each nail, this is going to last me a long time.  Also, it does not dry in the bottle like nail polish does. It feels cool on the nails, and evaporates from nails quickly (as if like spirit), leaving no residue at all.

Inglot Dry and Shine Nail Enamel Drying Drops

Inglot Dry and Shine Nail Enamel Drying Drops

Pros of Inglot Dry and Shine Nail Enamel Drying Drops:

  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • I/nstant drying of nail polish.
  • Does not change the color of nail polish.
  • Nail polish retains shine for long.
  • Provided with a dropper.
  • Transparent like water.
  • Not heavy or oily.
  • Will last a long time.
  • Not messy at all.
  • Good packaging

Cons of Inglot Dry and Shine Nail Enamel Drying Drops:

  • Limited availability.
  • I could not think of anything else.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase Inglot Dry and Shine Nail Enamel Drying Drops?

Yes, as I long as I live.

Do I Recommend Inglot Dry and Shine Nail Enamel Drying Drops?

Yes, of course.  This is a miracle product. If you are in a hurry to attend any party, you can quickly apply your nail enamel, put one drop of Dry and Shine on each nail and you are done -pronto! This is a must have!

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  1. oh wow! This is the first time I’m hearing of this product. Inglot duraline is one of my favorite and I’m sure this another wonder product. I’ll definitely check this out. Superb review!

  2. *pompom* Yayyy for this great product. I am going to get it today *jogging* Nice review Arpita and those are some pretty clicks.
    And teleshopping programs *hihi*

  3. Arpita…’s my story – waiting for the nail polish to dry and then after all that hard work, I ruin it by frequently checking whether it has dried or not *headbang* *headbang*

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