Inglot Eyeshadow Refill Eyeshadow AMC #65

Inglot Eyeshadow Refill Eyeshadow AMC #65

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“A bad habit of mine”, my hubby says, is buying makeup everytime. This irritates him because somewhere he realizes that it my nature  to buy more but and to utilize less (so it is all next to worthless to him). But still….I never fail to feel the pleasure , excitement and the passion of buying good makeup and nothing can stop me from doing the same.
Inglot Eyeshadow AMC65
So again here I am with an eye shadow with a superb quality and brand. Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow 65 AMC (refill) with a magnetic palette. I have heard many times that Inglot satisfies all the requirements of a quality product with zero sign of doubts and queries in mind. Something similar is what I experienced , when I bought this amazingly pigmented eye shadow from Inglot.

Inglot Eyeshadow Refill AMC 65

Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow 65 AMC(refill) 16 gm forINR 300
Magnetic palette: INR 750
Inglot Palette


My experience with Inglot Eyeshadow Refill Eyeshadow AMC #65:

One of my friends once  suggested to try a product from Inglot and keeping that in mind i entered the Inglot stroe, which on other days I had crossed past thinking about imaginary high price or the same from the brand. Finally ,with a reason to buy my son’s clothes 😛 ,I somehow managed to just have a look into Inglot’s treasure which left me so impressed and astonished with the bright , beautiful , variety and various shades everywhere. A colourful and beautiful world of makeup with many options that are affordable and very good quality as well, made me realize how stupid I could have been, for having missed buying Inglot for so long.So a big thanks to my friend and to Inglot for clearing my wrong impressions.
Inglot Palette 2
A very smooth , easy to blend , soft combination of powder and creamy texture with many silver and blue shimmers ,(never felt gritty) during application. It easily blends wherever applied whether crease or lids , gives a complete look to the eyes adding slight shimmer to it.
Inglot Eyeshadow Refill AMC 65 swatch
A pure black shade with loads of shimmer which is so pigmented that only a little bit of quantity completes all the requirements of my eye makeup. It’s a color that could be paired with all other shades.

Black eyeshadow
Comes in a coin size container or a pan covered with a plastic thick sheet which could be stored even without any palette.

Pros of Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow 65 AMC:

• A shade which could be matched with any other shade.
• Impressive quality in a very reasonable price.
• The shimmer added in it make it look awesome.
• Blends easily with  very less fall out.
Inglot Eyeshadow Refill AMC 65 (6)

Inglot Eyeshadow Refill AMC 65 swatch


Cons of Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow 65 AMC:

• Nothing.
smokey eyes
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My verdict on Inglot Eyeshadow Refill Eyeshadow AMC #65:

I am sure you all will love this shade and would like to suggest everyone tries this one out. A perfect black for all kinds of smokey eye makeup looks. Thank you for going through my review.

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  1. the color looks amazing in the pan… reminds me of the night sky….loved the color and loved your eotd *puchhi*

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