Inglot Freedom System Blush #47

Inglot Freedom System Blush #47

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So I told you I have brought a powder blush too from Inglot. This is the one. Since I picked up a rose pink kind of shade in the cream blush, I went on with a peach one from their freedom system powder blush range. Read on to find details on this one.

Inglot Freedom System Blush #47


INR 400

Shelf life:

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3 years
Inglot Freedom System Blush #47 (2)

My experience with Inglot Freedom System Blush #47:

This comes in a rectangular pan kind of packaging. You are already familiar with freedom system blushes. Aren’t you? These are the most gorgeous blushes around and they are superbly pigmented. Since these are my first buys in blushes, I thought powder blushes would not be good for my dry skin but I was wrong. These Inglot blushes are so soft and after application you cannot point out whether they were powder blushes or something else. There is no falling powder feel with these you know. You just have to take a bit of the product either on the finger tips or on the brush, dab and blend. Be careful to take very little amount or else you will end up being an orange ball. I have taken a very little amount in the swatches to show you how it looks with the least amount. You have to take the same amount while applying on the cheeks.

Inglot Freedom System Blush #47 (4)

Well, coming to the shade, it is a matte light peach shade. I wanted something which is a mixture of peach and pink but unfortunately all such shades were out of stock in the store. Either there were hot pink kinds of shades or peaches. So I picked up this peach shade which is a light shade. I think this will suit mostly fair complexions. I cannot comment on whether it will suit dusky complexions or not. For fair beauties, this shade is a must have. It gives that perky kind of look and goes for being a completely natural shade.

Inglot Freedom System Blush #47 (3)

It is easily blend able but again as I said, you should pick up less amount. I prefer blending the blush with my fingertips (washed fingertips) as it gives me the perfect finish. Also, I love how soft it feels on my fingertips, so I always do it that way.Dry skin or oily skin, this will suit both. There is no offensive smell in this product. It stays on for quite a time like 4 hours. I have not worn beyond that and let me tell you I do not wear a base or primer at all. So with that it would stay even longer.

Overall, I love them for their pigmentation, their soft feel, their amazing shades and their quality of not giving that powdery feel (if you know what I mean). I love them for everything.

Pros of Inglot Freedom System Blush #47:

• Beautiful matte light peach shade
• Soft texture which is an equal love for both dry and oily skinned girls.
• Very pigmented; a small amount is enough for one time use.
• Apt amount for the price.
• Paraben free.
• So many beautiful shades they have to offer.
• Easily blend able.
• Stays for a good amount of time and the staying power would be even better with a base/primer.
• No offensive smell at all.

Inglot Freedom System Blush #47 (6)

Cons of Inglot Freedom System Blush #47:

• You can easily over do with these as it is super pigmented. That is also not a con I think.

IMBB Rating:


Recommendation: you should definitely try these. Instead of trying various brands, having mixed collection of good and bad products, just try these first. You will surely be delighted. (I think inglot should pay me for these lines 😛 )

Repurchase: I will explore all the different shades from both these ranges- the cream ones and the freedom system. The ones that were out of stock were really pretty shades. I’ll try for them next time.

Take care!

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14 thoughts on “Inglot Freedom System Blush #47

  1. pretty color sahiba……i love inglot but i don’t have any of their blushes yet…..will soon try them *drool*

  2. beautiful hue for the cheeks *preen*
    ur posts are worth reading yar Sahiba, i have hardly used any blush, but wen i saw it written by u, i developed the interest *happy dance*

    1. aww thankuu so much khushi… now that u are getting married buy 1 or 2 blushes… *hifive* u’ll love them once u start using them… *haan ji* just like me… n my recomendation would be inglot ofcourse…

      1. Yes of course I will try out, I have a blush which came wid velvette box sometym bak.
        Will first learn d correct way then experiment wid shades.
        Is der any tutorial here on IMBB? ?

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