Inglot Freedom System Brow Wax #573 Review



Inglot Freedom System Brow Wax #573 Review

Inglot Freedom System Brow Wax #573 Review

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I have terrible brows. They grow all over the place, but not in the gaps I want them too. Off late, I never knew what good brow wax and powders could do to me and obviously Lakme shoe polish black eyebrow pencils were the last thing I wanted to try. Then, I saw Deepika Padukone’s eyebrows and I wondered what art or technique goes behind it because it would be next to impossible to have the eyebrow hair right in the exact place you want them to arch or curve.  Hence began my journey of getting better brows in the shape I want them to without waiting for the growth and something that would frame the face.

Brow Wax #573

I bought this Inglot Brow Wax for Rs. 300 and they do have some other shades too.  Check out the website to see what shade matches you best.  I got this brown one, because black eyebrows can make you “Ramleela ready” so to say. I stick to brown wax and powders please 😛

Brow Wax #573

I have tried transparent mascaras and even old toothbrushes and gels to hold my eye brows in place, but now it was time to add definition and not just the hold.

Brow Wax #573

Brow Wax #573

So, I know we need two things for that, basically the wax and the powder. And oh, yeah, we also need an angled brush, any size you are comfortable with getting to the eyebrows, it will do just fine. Vega has one which will be good for starters. The gel liner by Maybelline will also do fine if you want to try and the angled small brushes ELF gel liners provide will work too.

Brow Wax #573

Next, you need a brow comb to ease out all the clumpy colour which might have got accumulated in the process and to distribute the colour of the powder equally. That’s what I do and you don’t need to necessarily do it too, and last but not the least, use a tissue paper to guard your cheeks against any fall out of the brown brow powder,

The Inglot brow wax came to me in a dilapidated condition. I suppose it melted on the way and the consistency and the texture I find a little too loose for me. When you compare the NYX transparent one, you can see how thick it is, but that too makes it difficult to use.  So, I just wish the Inglot one was a little stiff so that it won’t feel like a gel you know.

Brow Wax #573

I am very happy with the colour I got, it feels nice and gives some colour too.  I just need to trace it and fill a brown color in the brow and comb out and I am done.  Since it feels a little light, I found that it does hold the hair in place, but still could do a better job of the hold if it were thicker.  Once the powder goes on, I am happy with the result and the hold and the color as well.

Brow Wax #573

Brow Wax #573

Brow Wax #573

The brows feel set for 5 hours minimum, but please be careful not to use a wet wipe and remove it all off 😛

Last Word on Inglot Freedom System Brow Wax #573:

I am happy with the wax, wish it was a little thicker if not as thick as NYX. It is so worth trying if you don’t have a  customised color of wax and powder. I am going to try the powder in a corresponding shade as well.

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37 thoughts on “Inglot Freedom System Brow Wax #573 Review

  1. This is the first time i have heard of brow wax. I dont know what it is. Maybe to stiffen the brows.
    And how can it give shape. I mean shape can only b got through by threading.
    When i went on to read this post i thought wax would be actually wax. Lol.
    I have terrible brows. when i dont thread in a month theres a jungle.
    U should have put a pic of your brows to show everyone the before and after difference….
    Maybe i would get an idea if it really works…. 🙁

  2. Sounds like a great product neha. i have very thick eyebrows.. it does look pretty after styling but then there are times when i feel my brows were little thinner and hairs shorter.. i think its high time i bought one of these brow waxes.. 🙂 thanks for d revu

    1. Try beautyjoint Parita. I have got a package from them before. It’s cheaper shipping, and I didn’t have any trouble with them.

  3. I thought my search towards best brow products ended with tbs-brow kit.. But no.. let me try this some time.. 🙂

  4. I was about to ask for suggestions regarding eyebrows today… Thank you Neha for the review.. perfect timing.. 🙂

  5. nice review Neha..I too got this brow wax from inglot recently and used it once..but without the powder 🙁 didn’t know the correct method then…(even now only learning) I use the brown eyeshadow from my chai latte quad and I do only feather light touches…
    me too was expecting ur brow pics…

  6. That brow wax looks yummy Neha….and you are right, the Lakme eyebrow pencil looks like shoe polish and ramleela ready ….. 😆

  7. Nice detailed review Neha, but brow wax is something new for me too! Before and after brows would have been a great help to understand 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. this sounds Interesting Neha. 😀 umm bt hvn’t used any brow thing till date.May be i should start with this one. 😉

  9. I will try this for my mom she uses Hair spray to set her brows this might help her ! nice routine though I could’nt bother so much for my brows !! keep up the good work 🙂

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