Inglot Freedom System Eye shadow #AMC Shine 14

Inglot Freedom System Eye shadow # AMC Shine 14

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Today I will be reviewing an eye shadow that I bought from Inglot. I have 4-5 shadows from Inglot and whenever I use them I fall in love with them again and this is the reason that I keep on buying more. I love eye shadows and I love to have palettes and the freedom system from Inglot gives me a chance to build my own palette with the colors of my choice and the best part is that they are not as pricey as some of the other brands. The color I have today is shade number 14 and it is from their AMC Shine line.


Product quantity: 3.2 g

Price: INR 400. Hiked now.

Packaging: Like all other refills, these too come in a little plastic pack which is enclosed in a black box. To use the color, the back side of the plastic has to be cut. The shadow cannot be resealed and has to be kept very carefully if you don’t have a palette to keep them. Inglot shadows are available in round as well as square pans but as square pans have more product amount wise, so I brought my shadow in a square pan.



My take on Inglot Freedom System Eye shadow # AMC Shine 14

Color: The name of the line AMC shine clearly tells that the line consists of shades with lots of shimmer and shine, and shade number 14 is not different. 14 is a shade of purple with pink undertones and have loads of silver shimmer particles in it. The particles are minute in size and do not make the shadow feel heavy nor do they make it look too loud. All they do is.. give eyes a beautiful sparkly shine. The color can be used to create a day look or can also be used to create a bold night look.
Pigmentation: The color is decently pigmented; it is not crazily pigmented and so does need 2-3 layers to get a good color. But this makes it even more appropriate to get the desired look. The color is easily blendable and can be layered to get the desired color intensity.
Texture: The color is very soft and silky to apply; it can be applied easily without much effort. The particles are so minute that they cannot be felt on the eyes; they can only be seen shining. The shimmer particles can sometime create a problem while applying by falling all over the face, but this problem can be solved by applying the shadow with a good brush in dabbing motion.

Inglot_Freedom_System_Eye_shadow___AMC_Shine_14__1_ Inglot_Freedom_System_Eye_shadow___AMC_Shine_14__2_
Staying power: Like all other Inglot shadows, the staying power of the color is good but it becomes even better if the color is applied over a good primer and if more layers of the colors are applied. The one thing I loved about this is that if goes away gracefully and does not look patchy. It fades evenly with time and at the end leaves sparkly silver particles on the lids. It does not crease at all.

Pros of Inglot Freedom System Eye shadow #AMC Shine 14

• Beautiful color
• It contains shimmer which I like for my shadows
• Shimmer particles are not chunky; they are so minute that they cannot even be felt with the finger.
• Affordable
• Easy to blend
• Fades away gracefully without looking patchy
• The color is buildable
• No creasing
• This freedom system actually gives me the freedom to build my own palette

Inglot_Freedom_System_Eye_shadow___AMC_Shine_14__6_ Inglot_Freedom_System_Eye_shadow___AMC_Shine_14__5_

Cons of Inglot Freedom System Eye shadow #AMC Shine 14

• No name
• Difficult to store without a palette
• One has to be careful while applying the color in order to avoid fallout
Would I buy Inglot Freedom System Eye shadow #AMC Shine 14 again?

Not this color as this would take a lot of time to finish, but yes I will definitely buy some more shades from this collection (I would actually like to build a 10 color palette with these colors)

Do I recommend Inglot refills?

Yes! If you are looking for a purple that can be used to create a sober as well as a bold look, this is a must try.

IMBB Rating: 4.5

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