Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow #AMC Shine 15 Review

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow #AMC Shine 15 Review

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Today, I will be reviewing another beautiful eyeshadow shade from Inglot’s freedom system and the shade is number 15. I have started collecting these shadows because I want to build my own 10 color palette and any palette would be incomplete without neutral shades. The shade that I am showing you today is an orange-brown color which can be considered a shade of neutral family.

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow


Rs. 400 for 3.2 gm.

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow


All the Inglot shadows that I have collected till now are in square pan and the main reason for that is that the square pan contains more product than a round pan. These shadows come in a small plastic pack which once opened cannot be sealed back. This plastic is further packed into a little black square box. The packaging is decent and though not very effective for long term storage, the shadow can be kept back into the plastic (without actually sealing it) and back in the box temporarily.

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow


Inglot shine eyeshadow

Mentioned on a slip of paper that comes with the box.

My Take on Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow #AMC Shine 15:

Color: As already mentioned, shade number 15 is a shade of orange-brown and as the shade is from Inglot’s AMC shine collection, it contains loads of shimmer particles. The particles are both silver and gold colored, but they are so minute that they cannot actually be felt with fingers nor can they be seen without blending the color. Blending the color properly makes the shimmer particles visible and gives a beautiful sheen to the eyes. The color is versatile and can be used for both day and night looks.  I have even tried this color on my crease to blend any harsh edges of the previously applied colors. Though usually matte colors are used for blending, this particular color gives an added dimension to the look.  I sometimes feel that this is one of the duochrome colors that sometimes looks orange and sometimes look gold.

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow

Pigmentation:  Inglot always scores high on pigmentation and same is true for this color as well. The color is highly pigmented but the color can be sheered out by proper blending. The color is buildable and more and more layers can be applied to get the desired intensity.

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow

Texture: Soft! This is the word I would like to describe this color.  This color feels really soft and smooth to apply and shimmer particles do not hinder the smoothness of the color. They are not buttery smooth but are decently soft. This color actually also feel very light on the lids. The color is super easy to blend and it blends with any color without much effort.

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow

Staying Power:  Staying power of the color is good but not as good as I wanted it to be. It does stay for 4-5 hours but the intensity of the color doesn’t remain the same.  The color stays longer if more coats are applied. Use of a good primer can also improve the staying power of the color, but I really wish that the color would have maintained its intensity for a longer period of time. The color doesn’t stay same for long, but thankfully, the color does not crease at all till the time it stays on the lids. I do have oily lids and I usually face creasing problem with many shadows, but this one does not crease at all.

Pros of Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow #AMC Shine 15:

  • Versatile color.
  • Minute sized shimmers that help to enhance the look.
  • Buildable pigmentation.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Feels light on the lids.
  • Smooth to apply.
  • No creasing.
  • Decent product quantity and quality for the price

Cons of Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow #AMC Shine 15:

  • Shimmer particles might fall all over the face, if care is not taken.
  • Average staying power (the color loses its intensity with time).
  • Difficult to store without a palette.
  • There’s no name, only number given to the shade.

Would I Repurchase Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow #AMC Shine 15?

Not this color, but yes, I would buy more colors from this line.

Would I Recommend Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow #AMC Shine 15?

Though this doesn’t stay for long, I do like this color and so would definitely recommend this. It has amazing quality at a reasonable price.

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