Inglot Freedom System Lipstick #72 Review

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick #72 Review



Rs. 300 for 1.2 gm.

Shelf Life:

36 months.

My Experience with Inglot Freedom System Lipstick #72:

I have a bad habit of ordering a large number of freedom system refills whenever I see a discount at Inglot. Most of the times I order the refills randomly without looking at any swatches and I end up with colors which are completely useless for me. Well, #72 is such a color too. #72 looks like a bright, fuchsia type of pink in the pan, but when swatched it comes to be a very bright, neon, Barbie pink color. I was quite happy when I swatched it because I thought it would suit me, but on the contrary, it looked quite weird on me. #72 has very strong blue tones, so this color would suit very fair skin tones only.

Barbie Pink Lipstick 2

The blue tones might clash with medium and dusky skin tones. I have fair and yellow skin tones and this color makes me look darker and quite dull. I would recommend this color to only those who love to wear very bright, neon pinks with blue tones. If this color suits you, it will make you the centre of attraction, so it will go best with a very natural eye makeup and blush. Since it’s very bright and attractive, it will look great in parties and marriages. As for me, I am thinking of mixing it with a berry pink or maroon color the next time I use it, otherwise it would just go waste.

Barbie Pink Lipstick 3

Though whatever the color is like, we all know that these freedom system lipsticks have awesome quality. This lipstick glides on very smoothly on my lips. It’s like I am gliding butter on them. I prefer to apply it with a lip brush. Since it’s very creamy, it keeps on sliding when I apply it, so I need to swipe it twice to cover the pigmentation of my lips completely. These is no shimmer and the lipstick has glossy touch to it. The glossy sheen stays on for about an hour and a half and then the lipstick settles to a semi-matte finish. It stays on my lips for about 5 hours and leaves a tint after meals. This lipstick is very moisturising. There’s no need at all to apply a lip balm beneath it. It doesn’t settle in lines or bleeds. It doesn’t settle in the corners of the lips. This lipstick has great pigmentation.

Barbie Pink Lipstick 4

Inglot freedom system lipsticks come in round pans with a transparent, plastic cover. The plastic cover is good for storage of these lipsticks but if you plan to carry these refills while travelling, I guess it’s best to invest in a palette. I like the concept of the refills because with refills, there’s some chance that I would finish these refills ever but with all the full-sized lipsticks I have, I know I cannot finish even one of the entire collection I have. 😛

Barbie Pink Lipstick 5

Pros of Inglot Freedom System Lipstick #72:

  • Very creamy.
  • Extremely moisturizing.
  • Great pigmentation.
  • Doesn’t settle in fine lines.
  • Great staying power.
  • Doesn’t bleed.
  • Feels light on the lips.

Pink Lips

Cons of Inglot Freedom System Lipstick #72:

  • The color won’t suit everyone. It is a very bright, neon pink which only a few people will like.
  • Requires a brush to apply.

IMBB Rating:

5/5 for texture and 2/5 for color.

Do I Recommend/Will I Repurchase Inglot Freedom System Lipstick #72?

I won’t recommend this color to everyone. Check this color out at Inglot store carefully before buying it because it won’t suit everyone. As far as Inglot Freedom System refills are concerned, these are definitely worth buying again and again.

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  1. The sale is on for Inglot lippies, I saw yesterday and ordered. *happy dance* *happy dance* This one will wash me out Surbhi *nababana*

    1. Yeah I saw that too yesterday only jomol di.. il order too. V r so crazy *happy dance* *happy dance* this color is quite weird jomol di.. I didnt like it at all *nababana*

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