Inglot Freedom System Round Lipstick – Shade No. 88 Review

Inglot Freedom System Round Lipstick – Shade No. 88 Review

Inglot Freedom System Round Lipstick Shade No. 88 Review

Purple lips anyone? I would be the first to raise my hands. I love purple in anything and everything.  I saw this at the Inglot store and there was no reason for me to leave it there, hence I picked it up.  I love bright and bold shades.  Well, this is a dark shade and one needs confidence to wear this.  This reminds me of MAC Smoked Purple Lipstick.

Product Description:

Inglot Freedom System Round Lipstick refills are creamy in texture and settle to a semi-matte finish after some time.  There are so many purples to choose from.  I chose 88 as I have a saree in this colour.



Rs. 250 for 1.2 grams.

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Fantastic, it is amazingly pigmented.


Extremely creamy and smooth.  It is not glossy and does not bleed.  It sets to a neat semi-matte finish that I love.

Staying Power:

Amazing.  It does not budge once it sets.  The main advantage of such dark shades is the staying power. One would need a makeup remover to remove this completely.

Purple swatch

My Experience with Inglot Freedom System Round Lipstick – Shade No. 88:

I am a purple lover and will never have enough purples in my life.  When I swatched this at the store, I knew I wanted this, but as it was out of stock, ordered through the online shopping website. Unfortunately, they have sent me a product that expires in the end of 2012.  I was shocked seeing this, but I did not know how to exchange as I had got it online.  I know I will not be able to finish it up before the year end, but otherwise, I have fallen for the colour and pigmentation.

lip swatch 1

Swatch 2

Pros of Inglot Freedom System Round Lipstick – Shade No. 88:

  • Daring purple shade.
  • Excellent pigmentation.
  • Smooth texture.
  • Sets to a neat semi-matte finish.
  • Amazing staying power.
  • Affordable.
  • Easily available.

Cons of Inglot Freedom System Round Lipstick – Shade No. 88:

  • It is not a colour that anybody can carry off.  If you love purples and you have the confidence to wear it, then go ahead.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend Inglot Freedom System Round Lipstick – Shade No. 88?

Yes, to all purple lovers.

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  1. Hi Preetha,

    Suits you well,…looks like you have an endless collection of Inglot lipsticks,….not available in Australia…

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  2. wow u carry this color so well…when i saw the first pic (b4 reading the article) ,i thot it was an eyeshadow and the title was wrongly written as lipstick 😛 😛

    1. I have Rebel Rati..I love it..but Rebel looks like a magenta on my lips..maybe coz I have dark lips..U have MAC smoked purple?this is an exact dupe :yahoo:

    1. Thanx Naomi..yeah I have checked cyber as well..but hooked to inglot these days coz their affordable :toothygrin:

  3. Is that really a lip-stick?? Looks more like a lip-pan to me somehow. 😛 😛 The color’s cool though!!! 🙂 🙂

  4. Preetha..same too have this colour and love too a purple and plum lover.. :yahoo: :yahoo: Love it on you..nice review..

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