Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eyeshadow in 102R Review

Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eyeshadow in 102R Review


I am sure all of you beauties have heard/read about Inglot Rainbow eyeshadows. Their range contains neutrals, bright colours, and now some double sparkle eyeshadows. I wanted to share with you guys my review of the Inglot rainbow eyeshadow in 102R which is a trio of a very unique colour – it is a neutral brown with red undertones. You can catch up on my other rainbow eyeshadow reviews on IMBB.

Where To Buy:

I bought these eyeshadows from Inglot’s website. I don’t have an Inglot store near me (booooo), so I have to settle for ordering online. But there are enough swatches/reviews to help people like me 🙂 You can always try eBay and Amazon, but you will probably have better luck on eBay. Also, for some reason, prices are more inflated on eBay :-/


Brown eyeshadow 1

The pan is a rectangle and it measures 3.6cm x 3.2 cm. I’ve always heard these pans to be referred as “square” pans, but they really are rectangular pans. You get 0.09 ounces or 2.5 grams. That is a pretty good amount for the price. The eyeshadow is labelled on the back part so that always makes my day 🙂 Also, their expiration is 18 months, as opposed to the traditional 12 months.

For reference, below is the average price and quantity (for a single eyeshadow) by some commonly used eyeshadows:
Brand Price (in USD) Quantity (in grams)

For reference, below is the average price and quantity (for a single eyeshadow) by some commonly used eyeshadows:

Brand Price (in USD) Quantity (in grams)

6.00 to 8.00 + tax

2.30 to 3.20


15.00 + tax


Urban Decay

18.00 + tax


Coastal Scents

1.99 + tax



3.99 to 5.99 + tax


Wet “n” Wild

1.99 + tax



5.99 + tax


Reddish Brown Eyeshadow 1

Price and Shipping:

The Inglot rainbow eyeshadows are priced at $8.00 + tax per eyeshadow pan and it is a superb price. Their prices did go up by a dollar a few months back, but it is still very affordable.  I love that you get three shades from the same colour family in a single pan! Their customer service is really bad (at least here in the States). If you drop them an email, you can forget about ever hearing from them. They basically just take their own sweet time and you just have to wait.  It can take them anywhere from 7 to 10 business to ship your order.

Reddish Brown Eyeshadow 2

My Take on Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eyeshadow in 102R:

Let me just start by saying that this might be my favourite rainbow trio!I am a huge fan of neutrals and mattes. A lot of neutrals are either too light or too dark for me and while I don’t mind it very much, I have always looked for the perfect neutral colours for my NC40 skin tone.  I am so happy with this particular eyeshadow because all the colours are like my dream colours 🙂 I can wear these colours without thinking and still look ready for work. It has become my go-to rainbow trio and even after using it extensively, I am yet to put a dent into it.

Reddish Brown Eyeshadow 3

Inglot rainbow eyeshadow in 102R has three neutral browns with red undertones. Here’s a short description of the three colours:

1) Colour 1: It is an amazing peachy-nude colour for medium-tanned skin tones. I have been looking for a colour like this one forever and finally, I have it 🙂 It is a light-cool colour but it is very pigmented and it is not chalky or powdery. It shows up with just one swipe.

2) Colour 2: It is a darker version of the peachy-nude colour. It has orange undertones which really brighten up olive and warm skin tones. It is a fabulous colour and I cannot think of any colour that looks quite like this one. If you want to try orange, but feel like you are not ready for it, try this colour first. Like all the other colours, it is pigmented, not chalky, and is so very smooth.

3) Colour 3:  This eyeshadow is a rusty-peach-red colour. It is also very pigmented. It would make the perfect crease colour for a daytime smokey eye with this particular trio.

Reddish Brown Eyeshadow 4

Reddish Brown Eyeshadow 5

Things I Love about Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eyeshadow in 102R:

  • 8.00 + tax buys you three different hues of the same colour at 0.833 grams of colour for each colour, making it an amazing buy.
  • The eyeshadows are not ashy, chalky, or powdery.
  • They are very pigmented and have awesome colour payoff.
  • Since I depot everything, individual pans come out cheaper and make my life easier.
  • They last 10+ hours on me with a primer and about 5 hours without a primer (I have super oily lids).
  • It says matte, but I find the finish to be buttery-satin, which is way better than just matte.

Brown eyes

Things I am Not So Much in Love with about Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eyeshadow in 102R:

  • Absolutely nothing! 🙂

IMBB Rating:

I would rate this trio a 5/5 even with awful customer service.

Last Thoughts:

Neutrals can be called boring and mundane but what would the world be without them! :O What would we wear to work! :p This trio is just that – beautiful, pigmented colours that you can wear every day without your eyes screaming “eyeshadow.” I think these are very pretty and unique colours and would be hard to dupe. So, if you like neutral, easy going, unique colours, I would highly recommend this particular rainbow trio.

Peace out! <3

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