Inglot Freedom System Refill Lipstick #41

Inglot Freedom System Refill Lipstick #41

Paraben Free Formula

Not testes on animals


INR 250/pan

I have been addicted to these little pots of pleasure, that I ordered myself 6 of them online, so you can expect 5 more reviews in the coming days.This one though I had selected at the store and ordered it online for whatever reasons, this reminded me of the Desert rose shade from Chambor Powder Matte, basically a creamy nude shade.

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick  Refill #41 (6)


I visit the store whenever I go to Express avenue mall but honestly I am not keen on buying a palette, soon I will, hence I am able to pick up very few refills, I will buy a palette soon but my refill would finish sooner than I know.

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill#41


The main reasons I love these is that they are so creamy, so many colors to pick up and one day they will finish, I will use them up unlike my other lippies, hence I want to buy as many as possible, these pans are just too cute and addictive, for 25o they are a steal.


Inglot Freedom System Lipstick  Refill #41 (2)


The color is a proper nude and nuetral shade, it has the right peach undertones, but I will not say it washes me out, hence I love it.It adds some color and does not wash me out, hence it is a great MLBB for warm skin tones.

The texture is creamy and it is on the sheer side, the finish is glossy. You can use this over some matte base to make it last longer and for it to show deeper. There is no shimmer and frost to it,it is just perfect for day and office, and for smokey eyes.

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick  Refill #41 swatches

My only issue with these is that they don’t last very long on me, though they are very moisturizing and creamy, my lips tend to drink it up like NYX round lipsticks, but I love to use them on top of some thicker lipsticks  this adds volume and gloss on top of lipsticks.

IMBB Rating:

4.9/5 just cant get enough of these!

nude lips

And the haul of a hoarder 😛 …reviews coming up!

inglot haul


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28 thoughts on “Inglot Freedom System Refill Lipstick #41

  1. Omg omg omg!!!!! Neha this has to be the best nude I’ve seen … Ever….. You just rock this shade….. It was totally meant for you!!!!!love it!!!! I have to buy this!!!!!

  2. OMGG I suddenly feel like owning an inglot lipstick palette. 😛 Out lipstick green would never end.. would it? 😛 This color is perfect for smokey eyes. I want review of 19 super soonzzz. 😀

  3. O wowwww… i am super excited for the reviews… specially the lip swatches.. 😉 😉 and please tell me if they are available on any online site?

  4. wowww Neha …amazinggg 🙂 .. i agree these pots are sooo very cute 🙂 .. lovely haul … and this is a very pretty shimmer.. which is great .. and yup..will look lovely with dark eyes 🙂 .. very very pretty lip swatch .. 🙂 .. nice review.

  5. Beautiful peach shade it is. It is looking even more prettier on you. And the Haul…May you add more and more pans to it. 🙂

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