Inglot Freedom System Refill Lipstick -64

Inglot Freedom System Refill Lipstick -64

There was one time when I picked up some refills and some lipsticks if you remember,and now suddenly I see this refill lying unused,yes this happens to me quite often and I try to keep the makeup new because new makeup is what I love :p but still cannot resist swatching it one time.So here is another refill from Inglot and there is one more which I had like which was in number 20.

Inglot freedom system refill 64

The lipstick is a red, it is more of an orange-y red but I would still call it a very bright red, this is not so great for day wear. The texture is amazing and the finish is semi-matte in my opinion.The textue is very creamy and luscious like all these refills always are.I like the color too but only on my good skin days, or else this would look way too loud.

Inglot freedom refill 64

Inglot freedom refill lipstick 64

The pan needs a palette of course but if you can manage to keep them safe, then I think these are a great deal for Rs. 250 considering the number of color your get(yes number literally because these are nameless and so are full lipsticks )and they can get very confusing too at the store.

Inglot freedom lipstick refill 64

Inglot freedom system refill lipstick 64

You do need a brush for a flawless application otherwise you may not be very comfortable with these. I love the array of colors to offer, the texture, the pigmentation and the finish.This one stays on a good three to four hours after which it leaves a soft stain which looks good too.

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25 thoughts on “Inglot Freedom System Refill Lipstick -64

  1. The swatch looks so creamy! Like jam! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Which brush did you use? I have that Oriflame Professional Lip brush which looks like a pen. I really havent used it yet, since I dont have any palette or pot lipsticks with me.
    Your LOTD looks flawless! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It looks good. Btw do they sell refills without the palette?? becos at chennai store when I asked the SA, she said they sell in palettes only…. In fact she didn’t even show me the refills and I ended up buying the full sized lippe.

      1. You know in Bangalore inglot… If you say that you have palette they won’t believe you they are like “I need to see your palette, then only I can give you refills” they don’t believe the customer…. ๐Ÿ™

  3. no thats not true, this happened to me also, actually its their strategy to sell more of their stuff..when i started walking out the store she said- “ok, just for you i will give the refill”.:P so for next time i will say i already have the empty palette..:P

  4. wow …..its a gorgeous shade & as always , looks great on you. It looks more fuschia than red though. Nevertheless, its beautiful!

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