Inglot Kohl Pencil 01 Review

Inglot Kohl Pencil 01 Review

Hey everybody,

Today, I am reviewing a product from my haul from the newly-opened Inglot store in Ahmedabad. I don’t know why but I haven’t heard that Inglot has a specific kohl pencil. So, when the SA showed me this at the counter and swatched it on my hand, I wondered why nobody has heard about this pencil as it bowled me over completely. I was amazed at how black it was!!!!! But, read on to know the “but” part in the product!



Rs. 650 for 1.2 gm.


It’s packaged just like a normal eyeliner or kohl pencil, completely black packaging with white lettering. The packaging is definitely very classy.

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Dimethicone, iron oxide, synthetic wax, polybutene, beeswax, margarita powder, ethylhexylpalmitate, mica, carmine, silica, dimethicone cross polymer, ceramide 3. Free of parabens.

Product Description:

Highly pigmented, long lasting, water resistant black liner. Contains active ingredients to moisturize and regenerate skin, perfect for waterline.


My Experience with Inglot Kohl Pencil 01:

Inglot kohl pencil is a completely black kohl pencil with amazing pigmentation. It’s the darkest eye pencil I have ever seen which gives really dark kohl rimmed eyes in just one swipe. Its staying power is also amazing. It stays on the waterline for 4-5 hours and even after that doesn’t vanish completely.


Now, the one problem that almost made me cry because I thought that with this product, my search for the perfect darkest black kajal ended, but no, I applied this kajal in the store, came back home and removed all my makeup along with the kajal, but some of the kajal remained like always. With my Maybelline gel liner also, the same thing happens because after I remove even the last bit of makeup, a really tiny amount of kajal remains on my waterline. The same happened with this product also. When I woke up in the morning, I had bloodshot eyes, so red that my mother got scared looking at me. This kohl pencil made me develop eye allergies!! I thought that maybe this happened in just my case because Inglot is  known for its quality, but I am too scared to use this product again. This maybe a great product and maybe did not suit only my eyes, but I cannot recommend this to anybody, sorry Inglot! I am just so disappointed because I really thought that I have found the darkest most pigmented kajal ever.


Pros of Inglot Kohl Pencil 01:

  • Darkest black kajal.
  • Amazing pigmentation.
  • Very soft and buttery.
  • Very good staying power(almost 5-6 hours on waterline).
  • Does not contain parabens.
  • Does not smudge or give you raccoon eyes.
  • Thick black line which I am sure will be loved by many of us who love thick rimmed kohl eyes.


Cons of Inglot Kohl Pencil 01:

  • Gave me severe eye allergy which took 2-3 days to get better.
  • Expensive (almost the price of Lakme absolute kohl).
  • Sharpen-able which I anyway do not like.

IMBB Rating:

2/5 for the pigmentation.

I don’t recommend this to anybody but if you still want to try if it suits your eyes, then you can try it. I will not repurchase it nor recommend it. Now, I have to think of ways to use this as an eyeliner maybe, I guess you can sense the disappointment.  I so want to try it one more time because it’s so soft and buttery and black, but I don’t think I can dare that again!

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18 thoughts on “Inglot Kohl Pencil 01 Review

  1. Bloodshot eyes *headbang* *headbang* *headbang* I hope ur better now *scared*
    Least expected from INGLOT *spank* *spank* *spank*

  2. Hey I face the same problem with absolute khol… but I remove it with baby oil and then with clean cotton buds and then I wash my face and then with wet tissue paper. So I’ll give this one a shot. But maybe you’re allergic to some ingredient 😮 I never had any infections with absolute khol

  3. *headbang* *headbang* so bad…i know the felling of bloodshot depends on our eye reacting to these product because my eyes continuosly water n get bloodshot when i applied revlon kajal… *spank* *spank*

  4. But it works wonderfully on my eyes, and I gifted another pencil to my sister as well.
    i phoned her and enquired now , if she has any problem with it.
    she said its superbly pigmented and brilliant.

  5. Hawww *shock* *shock* *shock* *shock* Not expected this from Inglot *pan* *pan*
    Mily, where in Ahmedabad has the Inglot store opened?

  6. Hey Mily….

    even I faced the same problem with a revlon pencil…. It;s really sad. *waaa* *waaa* *waaa*

    But now, I use it as an eye liner to get smokey look…. Almost twice a week… so am not that disappointed… try it out… *specs* *happydance* *happydance*

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