Inglot Lipstick 145: Review, Swatches and LOTD

Inglot Lipstick 145

Hi Everyone,

I am back with a review and LOTD for yet another plummy pink lippie – yes, I have tons of pink lippies as you must have figured out by now. The subject in question is the Inglot Lipstick in shade 145.

Price: Rs. 550 I think
inglot lipstick 145
Packaging: Same classy black casing with a click lock cap.


Shade: Shade 145 is a true-blue plummy pink that would look very good on all skin tones. It’s a great shade for everyday wear and while it does not instantly brighten up your face, it would not wash you out either. It doesn’t have any shimmer or frostiness to it and would look nice with heavy eye makeup, but would look equally good with light makeup as well – yes, its that versatile. I think it would suit people with warm undertones better than cool-toned ones. It’s a warm plummy pinky shade – the sort of shade that you would not think twice about before applying.


Texture: Its super duper creamy and glides on the lips like butter.

Staying power: Pretty decent considering the creamy texture, about 3-4 hours without meals.

Here’s how it looks on my lips:

Only con I would list (other than the nameless shades) is the fragrance – it has a candy like smell, which is quite nauseating.

Rating: 3.5/5

Overall verdict: I am on the fence about this shade…I won’t say I love it because overall I find plummy pinks a bit on the ‘Aunty ji-ish’ side, so I stay away from them. I find this shade to be pretty boring just because of my personal aversion to plummy shades. But, on days when I am not in the mood for much makeup and have some serious meetings at work then this serves the purpose of toning down the look. So, its quite handy in that department. I would say give it a shot if you like warm plummy shades and if you need a nice boring shade to tone down the rest of your makeup or look. Its also great for those with pigmented lips.

Till the next review…. be good and look good ☺


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24 thoughts on “Inglot Lipstick 145: Review, Swatches and LOTD

    1. Yes, its totally a personal preference, I am not very fond of them, but for people who like plummy shades, they would love this one.

    1. OMG! Preeti Zinta…wow! I love her lips…although mine aren’t exactly like hers, but whoever said it I love her!
      Thank you soooo much Rati!

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