Inglot Round Lipstick Refill #27 Review

Inglot Round Lipstick Refill #27 Review

Hello beautiful women,

If you have seen my previous post, you will know that I have grabbed a few Inglot round lipstick refills. They were random pick as I read lot of good things about them. I thought to give them a try and today, I am going to review the shade in #27.



250/- for 1.2 gm.


Do I need to get into this discussion? I believe enough have been said about the light, creamy, non-slippery texture of the lipsticks. I have nothing much to add. They live up to the expectation and they will surprise you with the awesome smooth texture. They glide on the lips like a dream.


Again, something that does not require any more praises. It is superbly pigmented and one swipe gives you the required dose of the color. You can keep on building up the shade but I prefer this to be sheer as the color itself is very bright.

Red lipstick 2

Staying Power:

Considering how creamy the product is, it stays on for more than 5 hours on me. When it fades, it leaves behind a pretty stain on the lips. Those who do not want bare lips after meals or splash of water, this is your good friend here.

My Experience with Inglot Round Lipstick Refill #27:

I have to admit here that I am coming back to colors from the nude/neutral phase. Considering the summers and the recent monsoon, I have an urge of wearing bright shades. What better way to come back to colors than a red. #27 is a blue-based red with bright pink undertones. I had a few reds but this one is a unique shade.

Red lipstick 3

I have a few parties to attend in the near future and I can see the shade which I will reach out for. The color is very bright and can be worn during day and night. I will keep my other make-up minimum with this lipstick. Such a bright shade will stand out on its own.

Red lipstick 4

I must admit that I had to try Inglot round lipstick refills to understand the madness about these. Now, that I have joined the Inglot lipstick gang, there is no looking back.

Red lips

Pros of Inglot Round Lipstick Refill #27:

  • Lightweight.
  • Moisturizing.
  • Nice bright red.
  • No parabens.
  • Creamy.
  • Affordable.
  • Available online.

Cons of Inglot Round Lipstick Refill #27:

  • You need a lip brush.
  • Palette required for storage.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase/Do I Recommend Inglot Round Lipstick Refill #27?

Repurchase: Yes, this red is unique in my stash.
Recommend: Yes yes yes….try this, without pinching your pocket.

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32 thoughts on “Inglot Round Lipstick Refill #27 Review

  1. Yes definitely a unique red *woot* *woot* and very stunning lip swatches *drool* you have got the perfect lips *clap* *clap*

    1. I store them in nut case from Indigo airlines. Cut a double sided sticker and paste. Write the number with a permanent marker.

  2. Awesome shade!!! Loved the review! Thanks so much!

    Can anyone tell me any inglot shade that comes closest to the classic Hollywood red… Something on the lines of MAC Russian Red?

    1. I hv not tried Russian red but i think it’s a blue based red….this one is not the one cause it has very strong pink undertones…,

  3. Rashmita..

    Totally loved it. I soo want to try INGLOT. Would order some.. but a palette is a problem.. 🙁 would buy the palette too.. 😉 your swatch… *drool* *drool*

  4. Oh and how do you apply it? Lip brush? Which one do you use and which lip liner have u used here? Sorry for this many questions? Had to find out 😀

    1. yes Tanvi, you need a lip brush to apply these. i have used the one that came in travel pack of TBS. i have used the poppy red lier from L*kme that i have already reviewed here…

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