Inglot Lipstick in shade #218 Review

Inglot Lipstick in shade #218 Review

Hey Beauties,

First of all, Wishing You All A Very Happy yet belated Rakshabandhan.  Hope you all enjoyed this day with your brothers and sisters 🙂 Today, I am going to review my very first lipstick from Inglot, which is shade 218. I got this one quite a long time back, even before I started using their lipstick refills.  To begin the story, about half-a-year ago, I was roaming around with my sister in Infinity Mall, Mumbai and of course, we visited the Inglot store.

Inglot Lipstick in shade #218 Review

As usual, it began with swatching of eyeshadows and lipstick refills, but since they do not sell refills without buying their palette, I wasn’t too keen to spend thousands of bucks just on palettes, so my attention went towards their lipstick section. They have such a huge variety of shades that to swatch each and every shade and then to choose the right one would be next to impossible in a day! Also, being in Inglot store is like leaving a child alone in a candy store where obviously the child would like to have all the candies 🙂 So, I pulled one SA and requested her to show me some daily wear shades which belong to the MLBB type, especially since I was looking for something which I can wear to office every day.

Inglot 218 Lipstick

She showed me a few shades out of which I narrowed down to 218 and boy, I am loving it. So, let’s get started with the review:

Product Description:

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  • Vitamin E and apricot kernel oil moisturising formula.
  • Solid and elegant metal case.
  • Paraben free formula.
  • Not tested on animals.


Rs. 500 for 4.5 g/0.16 US Oz.


I love the packaging! The lipstick comes in a shiny, black metal case and feels so sexy and classy! It feels like a “Bond girl” lipstick :P, totally gorgeous! The cap fits in tight, so its perfect for travelling as well. I always have this one in my handbag, so I can vouch for the safety.


Inglot 218 Lipstick

The lipstick even though described as matte is quite moisturizing.  In fact, it does not feel matte at all.  Also, at the same time, its not glossy.  The texture is creamy and just glides on the lips. I don’t feel the need to use a lip balm underneath.

My Experience with Inglot Lipstick in shade #218:

This is my perfect MLBB shade! It is just “my lips but better shade.” Looks totally natural on me and matches my lip color perfectly. The shade is a gorgeous mix of pink and brown and is muted and perfect for everyday wear. I would highly recommend these to office-going girls who want to look polished but without much color. The staying power is decent and stays on me for about 4+ hours with meals in between. Honestly, I don’t mind re-applying the lipstick again 🙂

Inglot 218 Lipstick

This shade will suit medium to dusky skin tones perfectly, but I would not recommend it if you are having highly pigmented lips. I use it above my lip liner just for increasing the staying power. It does not bleed or settle in fine lines. In all, I am loving this shade and will definitely recommend to everyone!


Inglot 218 Lipstick

Inglot 218 Lipstick

FOTD – Please excuse dull pics again as my camera is not picking up the shade well, but in real, its very flattering!


Pros of Inglot Lipstick in shade #218:

  • Perfect MLBB shade for daily or office wear.
  • Quite moisturizing formula and does not dry out the lips.
  • Staying power is good and stays easily for 4+ hours.
  • Does not bleed or settle in fine lines.
  • Cruelty and paraben free.
  • The packaging is quite attractive.
  • Will suit all skin tones, especially medium skin tones.
  • Easily available online.
  • Has vitamin E and apricot kernel oil which is good for lips.

Cons of Inglot Lipstick in shade #218:

  • Limited availability is the only con as Inglot does not have stores all around, so if you want to swatch it first and then buy, it may be a problem.

IMBB Rating:


Do I Recommend Inglot Lipstick in shade #218?

Of course! Its hands-down a beautiful shade and I love wearing it to the office every day! Do check it out.

Hope this review was helpful.  Until tomorrow, take care and stay beautiful!

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39 thoughts on “Inglot Lipstick in shade #218 Review

  1. Parita…the shad eis such a wearable one..I’m noting the shade number again along with the eyeshadow numbers from ur reviews..will be handy when i go for a loot 😉
    but inglot should name their lippies atleast..difficult to rember numbers..

  2. firstly it is a gorgeous shade and the color is flattering on you for sure. My ears and eyes just perk up when someone says its good for office. thanks for the review

  3. Parita,

    I stay 2 mins away from Infinity 2 and I am forever hanging out there…and inglot store being one of my fav hang outs 🙂

    1. thanks a lot neha….nah i stay far far away from chemical treatments on hair..i m blessed with naturally straight hair..all thanks to my mom 🙂

  4. u look so pretty!! u do so many things- u write reviews, u have your food blog, u do so many DIYs!! and u go to office as well…u r a superwoman parita and I m a fan!! 🙂

  5. Such a pretty classy shade! Loved it. And your earings 🙂 its just a shame inglot doesnt have a store in bangalore :'(

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