Inglot Milk and Tonic Make-Up Remover Wipes Review

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I always prefer to keep some facial wipes in my makeup closet. I am a lazy person when it comes to makeup removal and bedtime skin care routine, and these wipes always come in handy during those days. I saw some new ones by Inglot, and how could I not give them a try? Let’s see whether these wipes very effective enough to remove all of my makeup or not!

Inglot Milk and Tonic Make-Up Remover Wipes Review

Product Description:
Makeup remover wipes, enriched with provitamin B5, bisabolol and chamomile extract, delicately remove even long lasting makeup. The wipes cleanse, moisturize, soothe, and protect all skin types. Ophthalmologically tested; safe to be used with contact lenses, on sensitive skin, and on the eye area.

Inglot Milk and Tonic Make-Up Remover Wipes Review2

Rs 600

My Experience with Inglot Milk and Tonic Make-Up Remover Wipes:

I am pretty much into makeup removers and I keep purchasing some micellar water or oil cleansers to get rid of all the makeup. But, there are some lazy days when I don’t really feel like taking a cotton swab, loading it with makeup removers and cleaning my face with it. During such hard times, these makeup remover wipes prove to be our best friends! I recently picked up a pack of such wipes by Inglot and was excited to try it. It comes in a big and fat black pack with a combination of black and white. It has everything mentioned at the back of the pack.

Inglot Milk and Tonic Make-Up Remover Wipes Review1

The pack consists of 25 wipes which are suitable for all skin types. The seal is very flexible and sticks well, but if left open, you will end up having dry wipes inside. So, be a bit careful when you get such packs. The wipes are very soft and gentle on the skin and the formula does not irritate my skin or break me out. I can pretty much just go to my bed without even washing my face. How cool is that! The one thing I did not like about Inglot wipes is that they aren’t as wet and moist. I have used a lot of wipes that belong to different brands and they turned out to be really wet that helps them in gliding easily on the skin and dissolve makeup.

Inglot Milk and Tonic Make-Up Remover Wipes Review3

These felt a little less moist, but they were effective. It removes all the makeup effectively, not in one go, but after certain number of swipes. Although, I faced a bit of difficulty with gel liner and waterproof mascara, the rest came off quickly. But, I managed to remove everything off. My face was left neat and clean and there was no trace of makeup on my face. My face actually looked bright and fresh. Thus, overall, I liked the way these worked but the price would totally hurt everyone’s pockets because these are just some cloth wipes, nothing more than that!

Inglot Milk and Tonic Make-Up Remover Wipes Review4

Inglot Milk and Tonic Make-Up Remover Wipes Review5

Pros of Inglot Milk and Tonic Make-Up Remover Wipes:

• These wipes come in a handy pack and the seal definitely works well
• Designed for all skin types
• Help to get rid of all the makeup effectively
• Remove all the traces of makeup without leaving any residue behind
• Do not irritate my skin, in fact they are very gentle and soothing
• Available everywhere

Cons of Inglot Milk and Tonic Make-Up Remover Wipes:

• Very pricey as compared to other brands
• They are not very moist like the other wipes that I have used
• One needs to put in some efforts to remove waterproof makeup
• The smell is okay; not that pleasant

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Inglot Milk and Tonic Make-Up Remover Wipes?
No, I will not get these again as I feel the liquid based makeup remover works better than these wipes. Also, these are very pricey and when you are getting the same outcome from a pack that costs just 200 bucks, why would someone put in 600 bucks?

IMBB Rating:

Facial wipes are very essential in the beauty routine; not just to remove makeup, they should be kept in the stash to clean the face when you just want to get rid of dirt or pollution!

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8 thoughts on “Inglot Milk and Tonic Make-Up Remover Wipes Review

    1. Exactly my point lisha.. you know if they would be super smooth and all the make-up would come off quickly, then i would have given it a higher rating despite of the price.. but this isn’t worth.. extremely pricey!

  1. Saloni, I am sooper lazy in makeup removal, I have that chamoile balm from TBS and some kara wipes, and that’s why I am sorted. Wipes are the best for lazy girls , hai na 😛

    1. Meeee toooo.. but yet i do it .. because acne nai chahiyeeeeee 🙁 ohhhh that looked tempting to me.. will try it once after i finish up these liquids 🙂 exactly.. a best friend during lazy nights 🙂

  2. Seems like we all are lazy here! 😛 I am not going to buy it just for the price. I have also used better products ar cheaper rates. Not a fan of Inglot anyway.

    1. hahahaha i know yet I take the time to remove my makeup with a cotton pad and micellar water… because I know it will totally clean my skin.. but i do need such wipes on lazy days 🙂 too pricey 🙁

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