Inglot Nail Buffer Review

Inglot Nail Buffer Review

Hello Everyone,

Today, while enjoying my visit to a mall with my friends, I found a nail buffer at Inglot store. I found it appealing because for a long time, I had not bought any product to pamper my nails except different shades of nail paints.


Beginning with the product description:

Product Description:

This nail buffer is a two-sided long stick divided in four sections of different colours namely black, pink, white and grey. Its packing did not mention any instructions of its use. It was wrapped in a simple plastic covering mentioning it as a nail buffer with other details.


210 INR

Inglot Nail Buffer 2

My Take on Inglot Nail Buffer:

Since it was closed with a seal, I couldn’t feel the texture of all the section,  so I had to ask the store people regarding its use, but when I came home and opened it, I could easily recognize the sequence in which it had to be used, i.e., black, pink and white, and at last grey. This exact sequence was told to me by the store people, asking me to keep in mind that grey was used to buffer the nails.

Inglot Nail Buffer 3
I am sorry guys, I cut my nails only a week back, so they are not in good length, but still, I have tried to explain the condition of my nails before and after.

Inglot Nail Buffer 4

I started filing my tiny growth of the nail with the black part of the buffer. This part is rough, coarse and hard, just like other nail filers and helps you easily shape your nails in a desired manner. I gave it the following round shape.

Inglot Nail Buffer 5

As you can see, the edges are rough which was then compensated by the pink section. As I started using it, all the rough edges were vanishing (though not completely), but I was already falling in love with my nail. Pink section has a texture similar to the black one, but a bit less on the rougher side. This is the most attractive colour in the buffer among all the four colours, making it more girly in appearance. Anyway, my nail looked as follows after its use:

Inglot Nail Buffer 6

Then, I started using the white part of the buffer. Frankly speaking, except for clearing off the remaining rough ends of the nail, it did not work much. I also used it on the top surface of my nail, but I did not notice any change. May be it helped in preparing the base for its subsequent grey part of the buffer, but I couldn’t notice any visible change. Its texture is soft but not as soft as the grey part.

Inglot Nail Buffer 10

So, at last came the buffer.  I started directly using on the top surface of my nail.  Initially, there wasn’t anything conspicuous, but after like a minute’s use, my nail started shining so beautifully. I was completely flattered with the shine it gave.

Inglot Nail Buffer 8

All in all, the buffer is very good for the nails as it can even make your dull looking nails fabulous.

What I Like about Inglot Nail Buffer:

  • It works very well.

What I Dislike about Inglot Nail Buffer:

Frankly speaking, I did not find anything disappointing.

Would I Recommend Inglot Nail Buffer?


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  1. Heyyyy Megha even i got a buffer *happy dance* it works really well na *hifive* love the healthy shine it gives *happydance* *nails*

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