Inglot Professional Makeup Applicator Review

Inglot Professional Makeup Applicator

Hi everyone,

Today I am sharing my thoughts on Inglot professional makeup applicator. I went to Inglot recently to pick up their palettes and I checked out their sponge applicators too. There were two types of sponge applicators one which is specially designed for foundation and the other one is to be used wet and dry. I bought the foundation applicator. I like to apply my foundation usually with brushes but after using Bare essentials sponges I started using sponges also. So here I am to share my thoughts on the Inglot professional makeup applicator.

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Product description

The applicator is made from NBR material with its unique properties. Unlike latex applicators NBR is non-degradable under the influence of oils and fats which are ingredients of most foundations. The size, shape and specifically profiled edges facilitate very precise foundation application.

INR 210

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Inglot sponge applicator comes packed in a transparent plastic cover. The sponge is specifically designed for foundation application. The back of the cover has the details about the product, basically describing the material of the sponge. The sponge is peachy pink coloured.

The sponge is super soft on the skin. The texture is like a marsh mellow. I really like the feel of the sponge on the skin.


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I dot liquid foundation on my face and use the sponge to blend it out. The shape and size of the sponge is perfect for application. The inclined shape of the sponge has defined edges which help in reaching the corners of the nose. I always wet the sponges with a face mist or Dabur rose water and start blending the foundation. The foundation sponge gives a smooth neat finish, it blends really well into the skin. The most amazing thing about the product is, it does not suck up the foundation. But you should not directly dip the sponge in the foundation, the best is to dot the foundation all over your face and then blend it out. I always thought a lot of product wastage happens with sponges for foundation but I was so surprised it working well, but I do agree if you want minimum product wastage a stippling or the buffing brush works best.


When I am in a hurry to leave for work, I really don’t have patience to use my buffing brush and blend the foundation. I really find the sponge doing the job easily. I have been using this sponge more than a week and I have washed it over four times to avoid bacterial infection and also to check the quality. I washed it with Kryolan brush cleaner it does remove the foundation colour from the sponge to an extent. The sponge is super good bearing all the handling. The sponge takes about 6 hours to dry. Overall, I am impressed with the price, quality and finish.


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Pros of Inglot makeup applicator

• Shape and size – the inclined angle gives good control and ease for foundation application.
• Sponge is super soft
• Sponge is degradable (isn’t it a pro)
• Blends foundation really well and gives a good finish.
• Affordable
• The sponge does not absorb foundation too much and this is really important as you can avoid product wastage.
• The sponge is washable and reusable.
• I had problem of a strong plastic glove smell with my Bare essentials sponges, Inglot sponge has a mild smell which is fading with washes. This is a big plus to the product

Cons of Inglot makeup applicator

• Nothing at all, I love everything about it.

IMBB rating

5/5 : D

Repurchase and recommendation:

Yes, yes and yes I will repurchase it and I totally recommend it to you all to try it for the price and quality.

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7 thoughts on “Inglot Professional Makeup Applicator Review

  1. This looks soft and lovely *woot* *woot* i am confused whether to buy a sponge or a foundation brush *cry* but tempted to try this too… ill get both lol *hihi* *hihi*

    1. Ive been wanting to try sponges…will probably give this on a shot… The issue is cleaning them afterwards – how painful is that?

  2. Wow!! 5/5.
    Well written Fathima. But I always felt sponges would absorb a lot of the products compared to brushes( imagine washing off MAC products down the drain *nababana* ) isnt it?? *scared* *shy* . Correct me if I am wrong.
    This apprehension has kept meaway from these lovely colourful sponges.

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