Innisfree Aloe Capsule Recipe Pack Review

Skin type: normal-dry

Aren’t these ‘Capsule Recipe’ packs so cute! These are so easy to use and I just realised, so easy to rinse. Here is another variant I picked up, the ‘Aloe’ one. Let me tell you more about it.
Innisfree Aloe Capsule Recipe Pack Review

Product Description:
What it is
A capsule recipe pack containing aloe to soothe your skin

1. Soothe your irritated skin with aloe!
2. The enriched pack adheres to the skin to provide a solution for skin concerns.
3. Wash-off formula

INR 120 for 10ml

How to Use:
1. Choose the capsule that best suits your skin.
(One capsule is enough for 2-3 uses.)
2. After washing your face, spread and massage the mask evenly on your face.
3. Rinse off the mask with lukewarm water after 10-15 minutes.
4. Insert the lid into the slit of the container and close it to keep it fresh for your next use.


What it doesn’t have
5-free system : Free of mineral oil, animal ingredients, synthetic fragrance, artificial color and talc

My Experience with Innisfree Aloe Capsule Recipe Pack:


I am sure these ‘capsule packs’ will grab your attention when you enter an Innisfree store. I initially assumed that these were lip balms or something but these are face packs. The packaging is so compact yet carries every detail about the product. The deal with these capsule packs is that these come in small plastic containers with a flap. You are supposed to get 2-3 uses out of these packs, which is fine.


But, the problem is this flap! It has to be inserted into the slot in the packaging. Now, I feel, this might reduce the efficacy of the ingredients. Not to forget, this kind of packaging can be a hassle as you need to store the product very well and very carefully.

close up of face mask

This aloe pack has a very fresh scent that does not linger at all. The consistency is like a nice gel with green specks; this signifies that this is aloe vera, I assume. It is not as slimy as pure aloe vera gel, though. It is easy to spread and stays nicely on the face without dripping. You need to wait for the gel to settle on the face completely and then you can wash it off with water. What I like about these capsule packs is that they do not require as much water as our conventional face packs.


Let’s talk about the claims and about the efficacy of this pack. The main task of this pack is to “moisturise” and it does that very well. Coming home to this pack after a day in sun felt amazing (this pack is over now). It is so cooling and calming. It makes the skin feel healed and hydrated. The effects of this pack last quite some time too, say for around five days and then you can reapply it (as you anyway have to finish this pack soon. The packaging doesn’t get sealed back, remember?).


Other than moisturising and hydrating, it makes skin soft and bright. Skin feels clean and fresh. This pack didn’t give me any breakouts, it didn’t dry out my skin, and it didn’t make my skin oily or greasy either. Also, I love the fact that this brand doesn’t use harsh chemicals, especially parabens. The only thing that bothers me is the price. I am not sure if it is cost effective as I am paying INR 120 for only 2 uses.

Pros of Innisfree Aloe Capsule Recipe Pack:

• Compact packaging
• Smells very fresh
• Packaging carries all the details
• Spreads easily
• Very lightweight
• Easy to rinse
Brightens up the skin
• Very moisturising
• Softens the skin
• Very cooling and calming
• Easy to use
• Does not make skin oily, greasy or dry
• 5-free system
• So many variants for every skin type and skin issue

Cons of Innisfree Aloe Capsule Recipe Pack:

• Not impressed with the packaging
• Availablity

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Innisfree Aloe Capsule Recipe Pack?
I would love to and would love to try out other variants too from this range.

Would I Recommend Innisfree Aloe Capsule Recipe Pack?
Yes, this cooling and calming aloe variant is good for every skin type.

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