Innisfree Fig Brightening Scrub Cleanser Review

I love to try out new facial cleansers, face washes, and scrubs and at any given time, I alternate between 3-4 different cleansers and scrubs. A good facial cleanser or a scrub should lather decently, clean face, should have minute particles to exfoliate skin and should not leave my face dry and stretchy (especially, since exfoliation is a rather drying process). I bought a bunch of cleansers and face scrubs as part of my Korean skin care haul and this post is on Innisfree Fig Brightening Scrub Cleanser.

Innisfree Fig Brightening Scrub Cleanser

Product Description:
This creamy foam scrub cleanser contains fig extract and cellulose that gently remove dead skin cells, leaving you a clean and transparent skin.
How To Use:
Apply an appropriate amount onto the face and gently massage it.
2. Then wash off with lukewarm water.

Innisfree Fig Brightening Scrub Cleanser ingredients

My Experience with Innisfree Fig Brightening Scrub Cleanser:

The packaging of this product is usual for face wash and scrubs – the product comes in a tube form. The size of the tube is 100ml and has a flip cap to dispense product when the tube is squeezed. The product is dispensed in a foam form with minute, gritty particles in it. Most of the description of Korean beauty products, on the packaging and on the website, would be in Korean and this a big disadvantage for the consumers across the world, but fortunately, Innisfree has an American website as well and that offers info for their international customer base. Since I have had a good experience with Korean skin care products and especially those by Innisfree, I went ahead and bought this product.

Innisfree Fig Brightening Scrub Cleanser label

I have been using this face scrub every two days and it was satisfying to note that it doesn’t dry out my skin or give that stretchy feeling to skin as most face washes do, so apparently, it is low on alcohols and sulphates because my skin catches these two ingredients immediately. It contains glycerin, water and stearci acid in high concentration hence the slippery feel to it and also the lack of dry feeling after usage. It also claims to be rich in vitamins and antioxidants and can gently exfoliate dead skin off the skin.

Innisfree Fig Brightening Scrub Cleanser packaging

The fragrance of this product is not very pleasing (it does not remind me of figs whatsoever) and is not a selling point of this product; however, it does not smell of alcohol or other preservatives and that is more important for me. It has a thick, cream-like texture and when mixed with a few drops of water, it lathers up nicely and leaves face squeaky clean. Overall, I am impressed with this product and do advice others to try it out.

Innisfree Fig Brightening Scrub Cleanser cap open

Pros of Innisfree Fig Brightening Scrub Cleanser:

  • It is an affordable face scub, which comes in a generous 100 ml size tube.
  • The packaging is easy to store (can be kept upright in the cabinet) and is travel friendly, leak proof.
  • No artificial color.
  • It has a thick, cream-like consistency and lathers nicely. It contains tiny, gritty particles that help exfoliate skin.
  • Removes dirt, makeup and clears out pores.
  • It does not strip skin of its natural skin and moisture. It claims to be rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants that are beneficial for skin.
  • It is alcohol and sulphate free.

Cons of Innisfree Fig Brightening Scrub Cleanser:

  • Availability can be an issue for some but some Korean websites do ship to India as well.
  • The fragrance is not very pleasing. It is not artificial and does smell organic but is neither pleasant nor reminds of figs
  • The price of this product varies across different websites and can be a bit annoying for some of us.

Innisfree Fig Brightening Scrub Cleanser is an affordable face scrub which performs well. It comes in a generous quantity, adds moisture to skin and easily removes dirt and makeup. I enjoy using this face scrub every two days and recommend it to others as well, especially those who are not too picky about the fragrance of their skin care products.
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