Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Cleansing Oil Review

I bought this cleansing oil from Innisfree on my last visit to the store because I am obsessed with the “Green Tea” range. This range is just perfect for all skin types and the fragrance is so refreshing.


INR 1400 for 150 ml.
Product Description:
Rich and deep-hydrating cleansing oil containing freshly squeezed Jeju green tea.
1.Fresh green tea water squeezed out from organically grown fresh green tea leaves is rich in amino acids and minerals that moisturize and brighten skin that’s become dehydrated by cleansing.
2.This product contains argan oil that has excellent moisturizing power and babassu oil that protects moisture to smoothly and moistly cleanse the face without any dryness.

How to Use:
Smoothly and evenly apply oil onto facial skin that has not been damped yet. Add water as you massage with your fingertips to remove makeup. Based on skin type, rinse with lukewarm water or use cleansing foam for further cleansing.

My Experience with Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Cleansing Oil:

The packaging of this cleansing oil is just perfect. It is easy to use and travel friendly plus you can make out how much product is left. It comes with a lock system, which is kind of cute. You need to pull out the lock and only then the pump would go down. One pump dispenses the right amount of the product but I like to use three pumps for my entire face and neck. So, I have nothing against the packaging. It’s simple but functional.


The fragrance is so fresh and nice. I love how good it smells of green tea. If you have used another product from this range, you’d know what I am talking about. This is an oil that cleanses off all the dirt and makeup from the skin. It is very lightweight and spreads very easily on the skin. As suggested, I first apply the oil on my face, avoiding the eye area, massage for a few seconds, and then add a little water. Once I add some water, I product starts to foam and then I can wash off with lukewarm water or a foaming cleanser. I use something super light like Sebamed Clear Skin Foaming Cleanser for best results. This way, this oil cleanser not only cleansing my skin very well but also nourishes it, which is amazing.


The product sounds so good but here is the sad part. You cannot use this product on your eyes. You will have to avoid the eye area at all costs since it stings the eyes pretty badly and even leads to blurry vision. I do not appreciate what it does to my eyes. Because of this property, I have to be super careful while using the product and dedicate more time to eye makeup removal. This also means that I need to use a different makeup remover to remove my eye makeup.


If you take a look at the product description, you’d realise that it does everything it claims. It cleanses the skin really well without drying it out or making it oily. Yet I would not really recommend it to people with oily skin. I use it mainly to remove my makeup, I desire something quick and easy but this one needs to be followed up with a cleanser. Also, it is impossible to avoid the eye area for me and this ends up stinging my eyes.


I am overall not really a fan of this cleansing oil. I so wish I could use it on my eyes and remove my makeup in one go. Also, wouldn’t it be great if I didn’t have to go for another cleanser after this? I mean who has the time and patience for all sorts of makeup removal with different product? 😀

Pros of Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Cleansing Oil:

  • Perfect packaging.
  • Lovely green tea fragrance.
  • Does everything it claims.
  • Does not dry out the skin.
  • Does not make skin oily either.
  • Made with fresh green tea.
  • Contains the goodness of argan oil and babassu oil.
  • Removes all sort of dirt and makeup.

Cons of Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Cleansing Oil:

  • Cannot be used on eyes.
  • Stings the eyes and leads to blurry vision.
  • Availability.
  • Not a great product for oily skin.
  • Needs to be followed up with a cleanser.
  • Need to use a separate product to remove eye makeup.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Cleansing Oil?
No, because it stings my eyes so much and it’s impossible to stay away from the eye area. Yes, I do recommend since it does everything it claims, but I do not want your eyes to get affected. You may look out for something that’s meant for the face plus eyes.

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