Innisfree It’s Real Aloe Sheet Mask Review

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How have you been all? I am penning down this review after a long time. This one has been pending for quite some time. A lot of changes happened in my life which were taking most of my time, but I did read each and every article of you all. Today, I am going to review a sheet mask from the brand Innisfree. You all know how amazing these sheet masks from Innisfree are and this one is no exception. I totally love these sheet masks, and I am sure most of you would be intrigued to use this as it has all the goodness of aloe vera in it. Read on to know more about it.

Innisfree It’s Real Aloe Sheet Mask

Product Description:
A microfiber mask delivering the moisturizing energy of aloe vera.

Rs. 100 for 1 sheet mask.

Innisfree It’s Real Aloe Sheet Mask

My Experience with Innisfree It’s Real Aloe Sheet Mask:

The packaging is very nice and very convenient to use. There is a provision to easily tear it open, but be careful because the packet is so small that the mask tends to settle towards the top, so try your best not to rip through the mask as you’re opening it. It happens with me every time, and this time, I did tear it off a little bit. The packet contains one sheet, fully soaked in serum. The packet does not contain serum in excess, just the right amount, so that the mask is fully saturated in serum. The mask sheet is made of very high-quality cotton and is very soft and gentle on skin.

Innisfree It’s Real Aloe Sheet Mask

The mask smells so fresh and rejuvenating. It is a perfect smell to give you a refreshing experience while it is on and calms you to a great extent. It gives a perfect summery feel. I enjoyed it thoroughly. The serum is very light and thin in consistency. As I have mentioned before, the serum is not in excess and does not drip from the sheet, which is the best part.

Coming to the shape, this mask is an average fit for your face.  Sheet masks do not typically fit my face as I have a smaller face, and this one was no exception. The best part about this mask it that it has two cut-outs for your eyes also, which is really amazing as it gives such a nice cooling effect to your eyes. You just have to put it on and sleep with your eyes closed and you can experience a perfect spa-like experience.

Innisfree It’s Real Aloe Sheet Mask

I typically keep it on for 30-40 minutes till the sheet became 70% dry and the maximum serum is absorbed. When you remove it, a light layer of excess serum can be observed. This makes skin very sticky, even after you massage it thoroughly. And trust me your face will feel sticky until you wash it with a cleanser. It imparts such an amazing glow to your face and the result is clearly visible.

Sheet mask

Overall, I am in love with these Innisfree sheet masks. I have bought a couple of them, which I intend to use during flight as I am travelling next week.  Also, cannot wait to use other variants. Totally worth the money!

Pros of Innisfree It’s Real Aloe Sheet Mask:

  • Serum is thin and light in texture.
  • Mask does not contain serum in excess.
  • Smells very nice and gives a nice relaxing feeling while it’s on.
  • Makes skin radiant and clear.
  • Effects are long lasting.
  • Hydrates skin well.
  • Contains natural products.
  • Awesome list of ingredients.
  • Mask is not over-drenched in serum, it’s present in the right amount.

Cons of Innisfree It’s Real Aloe Sheet Mask:

  • Skin feels a bit sticky post application and even after you wash your face with water, it feels sticky unless you use cleanser.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Innisfree It’s Real Aloe Sheet Mask?
Yes definitely 🙂

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  1. I am so happy that they are finally easily available and the price is just so right for these masks. Planning to make a quick trip to their store soon and buy lots of these masks. 🙂

    1. Yes Shikha…we Delhiites are lucky that ways…*grin*. And they are a best deal at such a price, with such quality…whenever I go, I hoard them in bulk.

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