Innisfree It’s Real Avocado Mask Review

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This time I am not going to share a DIY with you. I have already posted so many DIY’s, so I thought why not try a product review this time. Today, I am going to review Innisfree It’s Real Avocado Mask.
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Product Description:

It is infused with the blend of herb complex water and ingredients from nature. This real mask adds vitality and energy to your skin.


INR 100/- for 20ml

My Experience with Innisfree It’s real Avocado Mask:

I have heard and read a lot about Innisfree, the secret of Korean beauty. So, last month when I spotted its store in Khan Market, I thought it’s the high time to finally try its products and experience the goodness of nature. The sales girl told me that its face masks are the highest selling products and she recommended me few masks considering my skin and its issues. I was bit unsure whether they will work for me or not. But after using it for the first time, I totally fell in love with it. I am sure I am going to pick at least half dozen more masks during my next visit to Khan Market.
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It comes in a regular packaging like any other sheet mask available in the market. One packet contains only a single white colour thin cotton sheet enriched with the serum. The serum is neither too runny nor too thick. The mask easily covers the entire face, leaving the eyes and the lips. Due to the perfect consistency of the serum, it didn’t drip on my neck or anywhere else.

I have never used/smelt avocado in my life, so I can’t say that whether the fragrance was like avocado or not, but it was very refreshing and soothing. One sniff was enough to relax the senses and calming your mood!
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Though the duration to use the mask mentioned on the pack was 10-20 minutes, but I kept it for 30 minutes. I felt too lazy to remove it from my face. I was enjoying the feeling of getting pampered. When I removed the mask, around one-third of the serum was transferred from the sheet to my face. My face looked oily and slippery because of the serum. I massaged my face for a couple of minutes and later washed it with luke warm water.

In the beginning, I didn’t notice any remarkable change in my skin. But after a couple of hours, the results were quite visible. My face was looking much radiant and fresher than before. I was completely satisfied with its amazing after-effects. Even my friends asked me that if I have gone for some facial; looking at my skin.

We all know the amazing benefits of avocado for our skin and hair. It was the first time I tried a product which contains avocado and I must say that it has not disappointed me. It is a great option if you are looking forward to an easy and hassle -free option to instantly pamper your dull and tired skin. The best part is that the results are long-lasting. My face looked radiant and fresh for next 4-5 days. What more can we ask for from a single-use sheer mask!

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Pros of Innisfree It’s Real Avocado Mask:

• Refreshes tired and dull skin.
• The results are long lasting.
• It makes my skin soft and smooth.
• Contains the goodness of Avocado.
• The consistency of the serum is perfect.
• It doesn’t contain Parabens.
• The ingredient list contains the goodness of nature.
• The size of the sheet is perfect.
• It does what it claims.

Innisfree It's real Avocado Mask (5)

Cons of Innisfree It’s Real Avocado Mask:

• Takes a few hours to show the results.
• Skin feels oily for some time.
• Some might find it pricey.
• Availability might be an issue.

IMBB Rating:

4.5/5 (Yes, it’s amazing)

Will I repurchase Innisfree It’s Real Avocado Mask?

Do I even need to answer this? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Do I recommend Innisfree It’s Real Avocado Mask?

Of course yes! You and your skin will love it. Do give it a try and I am sure you’ll not regret.

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