Innisfree It’s Real Gold Kiwi Mask Review

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How are you doing IMBBians? I hope you all are doing well. How do you pamper your skin and save it from this scorching heat? These days I have started emphasizing more on organic and herbal products whenever it comes to skin care. I think by using these products, we can save our skin to an extent from getting damaged.

Innisfree It's Real Gold Kiwi Mask (3)

Innisfree It's Real Gold Kiwi Mask (4)

Today, I am going to share my experience and thought on a product which is perfect for this season. It refreshes your skin and make it more radiant that too without much effort. I am talking about Innisfree It’s Real Gold Kiwi Mask.

Product Description:
It is infused with the blend of herb complex water and ingredients from nature. This real mask adds vitality and energy to your skin.

INR 100/- for 20ml

My experience with Innisfree It’s Real Gold Kiwi Mask:

If you remember, I have reviewed few variants of Innisfree Mask. I was planning to review this one since last month but my laziness was stopping me to do so. Today, I decided to finally share my views on this mask with all of you. As I have mentioned earlier that I bought infinite face masks from Innisfree store during my last visit. I have yet to try so many of them. Choosing which mask I am going to use is itself a task. All masks contain amazing ingredients, so it becomes difficult to decide which one I am going to use.

Innisfree It's Real Gold Kiwi Mask (5)

Today, I am going to share my opinion on Innisfree It’s Real Gold Kiwi Mask. The only reason why I added this mask in my cart was it’s fascinating name. Though I don’t like eating Kiwi, mainly because of its taste but I am well aware about its goodness and usage. It is considered as one of the World’s Healthiest Foods. It is loaded with the goodness of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Copper, Fiber, Potassium, Manganese, etc. Its regular consumption helps in immunizing our body from various diseases.

Kiwi is very beneficial for our skin as well. It helps in rejuvenating our skin and makes it healthy and glowing. It also helps in firming the sagging skin and makes it soft. It helps in the formation of new cells, fight with acne and controls and prevents sun damage. It is also good for our hair. It helps in preventing premature hair greying, helps in controlling the hair fall, make our hair softer and bouncier. It is useful in treating few scalp related problems. Basically kiwi is actually a ‘Golden’ fruit.

Innisfree It's Real Gold Kiwi Mask (1)

It comes in a very regular and boring packaging. It is very similar to any other face mask available in the market. Each packet contains a single cotton mask enriched with the goodness of serum. As soon as you will open the packaging, you will be welcomed by sweet and refreshing fragrance which is neither too mild nor too overpowering.

The serum is whitish in colour which is bit runny. The mask easily covers the entire face leaving eyes and lips area open. Though serum is bit runny but it doesn’t drip on clothes or on other body parts. I kept the mask for 30-35 minutes, more than what was prescribed on the packaging so that my face will get enough time to soak all the goodness of the serum.

Innisfree It's Real Gold Kiwi Mask (2)

After removing the mask, I massaged my face with the serum for few minutes and then washed my face with luke warm water. There was a noticeable change on my face, it was looking much more relaxed and refreshed than before. My face was looking healthy and soft post usage. I was even looking one shade fairer. This positive change remained there for 2-3 days. My skin was looking radiant and bright.

Pros of Innisfree It’s Real Gold Kiwi Mask:

• It contains the goodness of Kiwi.
• It makes the skin radiant and glowing.
• The results are long lasting.
• It doesn’t contain Parabens.
• Ingredient list contains many organic items.
• Face looks bright and radiant post usage.

Cons of Innisfree It’s Real Gold Kiwi Mask:

• The serum is bit runny.
• Some might find it pricey.
• Availability might be an issue.

IMBB Rating:

Will I repurchase Innisfree It’s Real Gold Kiwi Mask?
No. I already have other masks which are waiting for me.
Do I recommend Innisfree It’s Real Gold Kiwi Mask?
If you want to pamper your skin this summer with the goodness of Kiwi then you can definitely give it a try. I am sure it will not disappoint you at all. Overall, it is another great product by Innisfree.

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