Innisfree Jeju Cedar Wood Hand Cream Review

By Swati Kumar

Hi guys,

Today, I will be reviewing a product from Innisfree – the Jeju Cedar Wood Hand Cream. I love all the scents of the hand creams from Innisfree. I wanted to try the Innisfree Jeju Peach Hand Cream, but it was out of stock. I am usually drawn to fruity flavours, but when I took a whiff of this hand cream, I instantly fell in love with it. Read on to know more about the product.


INR 300 for 30 ml.
Product Description:
Deep moisturization with the cool scent of Jeju cedar. Enjoy the cool refreshing scent of Jeju cedar. This hand cream immediately melts into your skin for long-lasting moisturization.


How To Use:
After washing your hands, apply an appropriate amount evenly onto hands as you massage.

The ingredients of note include shea butter, glycerine and beeswax which are found in all types of hand and body moisturizers. It also contains the fruit extract of a type of cactus, commonly known as prickly pear, which helps in skin conditioning. It also has the usual ingredients such as orchid extract, satsuma peel extract which are found in almost all Innisfree products.

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My Experience with Innisfree Jeju Cedar Wood Hand Cream:

To start off, the packaging is to die for. I love the teal-coloured tube as well as the pine cone and tree pattern all over it. The colour and the design are eye catching among the other displayed hand creams. It would work great as a gift as well. Innisfree hand creams seem to have two types of packaging – the other type has cream coloured tubes for all variants. The tube is compact and hence quite travel friendly. It comes with an aluminium foil seal which has to be removed before use. As for the formulation, it comes out as a thick white cream. The product to be dispensed can be easily controlled. The fragrance is quite strong.


I had already tried another hand cream from Innisfree previously – the Innisfree Jeju Narcissus Hand Cream. I liked the scent of that one, but I love this one even more. For me, a hand cream is a must because I have a pet, so I need to constantly wash my hands. Innisfree is known for its unique scents, and this one lives up to the mark. The scent is so fresh and rejuvenating, whenever any of my friends try it, they love it instantly too. The fragrance reminds me of a forest on a rainy day. It is very calming and soothing. It has a bit of a musky undertone. The fragrance is inspired by a tree-lined street on Jeju island where a wide expanse of cedar trees stand. It is a great scent for those who are bored of fruity and floral fragrances and would like to try something new and refreshing.


The cream itself absorbs into the skin quite fast and leaves no sticky residue. It instantly softens and moisturizes my hands. They remain soft and moisturized, and the scent lingers until I wash my hands again.

Pros of Innisfree Jeju Cedar Wood Hand Cream:

  • Amazing fragrance.
  • Long-lasting fragrance.
  • Moisturizing.
  • Non-greasy texture.
  • Absorbs fast.
  • Cute packaging.
  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Product will last a long time.

Cons of Innisfree Jeju Cedar Wood Hand Cream:

  • None.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Innisfree Jeju Cedar Wood Hand Cream?
Yes, definitely. This is my go-to scent as it is quite unique. I would recommend this to those who would like a break from fruity and floral scents.

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