Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Cica Review

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Skin type: dry and occasionally acne-prone
Skin colour: fair with neutral undertones

Dear friends,

I have always been an avid lover of clay masks and particularly a bigger fan of the ‘Jeju’ line of products from Innisfree. Their newly launched ‘Jeju volcanic Color Clay Masks’ have grabbed attention everywhere. Today, I am going to review a special mask from their Color Clay Mask range. This is a very useful mask in everyone’s skincare routine, irrespective of the skin type that you possess naturally. Read the review of this fantastic product.

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Range

Price: INR 700 for 70 ml
Product Description:
1. Volcanic color clay mask packs with 7 colors and 7 functions
– The powerful sebum control effect of Jeju volcanic cluster provides clean pore care.
– Yellow (brightening), blue (hydrating), pink (vitalizing), green (cica), purple (calming), white (refining), black (purifying)

2. Various clay textures
Water gel clay : Yellow, blue, pink
Cream clay : Green, purple
Transforming clay : White, black

Green: The volcanic cluster green mask for sebum control and cica care. [Contains Jeju volcanic clusters and madecassoside]
– The green mask provides cica care to refine multiple troubled skin areas.
– With its soft cream-type clay, it is mild enough for all skin types.

Water, Kaolin, Propanediol,Glycerin,Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride,Silica,Titanium Dioxide (Ci 77891),Bentonite,Polyglycerin-3,Hydrogenated Poly(C6-14 Olefin),Polyvinyl Alcohol,Cetearyl Alcohol,1,2-Hexanediol,Madecassoside,Volcanic Ash,Opuntia Coccinellifera Fruit Extract,Camellia Japonica Leaf Extract,Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract,Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract,Orchid Extract,Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Extract,Dextrin,Xanthan Gum,Glyceryl Caprylate,Ethylhexylglycerin,Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate,Polysorbate 20,Polysorbate 60,Disodium Edta,Chromium Oxide Greens (Ci 77288)

My Experience with Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Cica:

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Cica Review

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Cica comes packaged in pale mint green coloured cardboard carton, which houses all the details about the product, including the product description and ingredient list – both in Korean and English. Inside this carton, comes the original tube that contains the color clay mask. The colour of this tube is also pale mint green in colour, which matches the colour of the cardboard carton.

The tube comes with a brown-coloured cap which closes tightly with a light click. The packaging is safe to carry when you travel around and will not cause unwanted spillage. It is actually quite convenient and hygienic to use since it comes in a tube form rather than in a tub form. You just have to carefully squeeze out product from the tube to avoid any unwanted wastage.

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Cica Back

It comes in a 70 ml tube and retails for Rs 700 which I think is a bit high for the quantity offered. But this will not be a big issue since you would not need a large amount of the product. Overall, I love the colour-themed packaging and its sturdiness. It is simple but it is pretty. The Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask range comes in three types of formulations: water-gel clay, cream clay and transforming texture.

The variant ‘Cica’ that I have got has a cream-clay based texture. It is pale mint green in colour and the consistency is medium-thick. Since the consistency is more on the thicker side, it is very easy to control the product flow and it will prevent unwanted spillage. It contains Madecassoside as a chief ingredient in this Cica clay mask. Cica (centella asiatica) based products are my cult favourites when it comes to choosing good skincare products.

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Cica Cap

The texture is very smooth and creamy and it spreads on the face very easily. The formulation is cream-clay based and hence it does not leave the skin feeling tight. The formula is light-weight and does not cause any discomfort. It has no significant fragrance, but if you take a close sniff then you will get a typical clay kind of smell.

I need about 1-2 coin-sized pumps to cover the targeted areas. This mask is specifically meant for problematic and oily skin. So, I focus on the areas where oil accumulation is more like T-zone, forehead and chin. You can choose to apply such kind of masks based on your needs. I apply this with a face brush since it helps to apply different types of masks at targeted areas with better handling.

I apply a thick layer of this mask; keep it for 20-25 minutes for more effective results. It gets dried in about 15 minutes and settles to a greenish clay-mask look. After 20-25 minutes, I massage it gently and then wash it off with normal water. The product gets rinsed off very easily and but it has a slightly sticky consistency. You can follow up with routine skin toner and moisturiser if you feel the need. Overall, the formula is very gentle to the skin and it doesn’t feel stretchy.

Now coming to the efficacy of this mask, the first and foremost thing that I need to say is that it suited my skin well. It did not sting or irritate my skin. Results were immediate and I was very impressed after using it. After a long day of work when your skin looks shiny and oil-prone, it is best to apply this mask in the oily areas. This mask tugs out all the dirt and impurities from the pores and reveals truer complexion.

It shrinks the pore size and improves the texture of the skin. This works as a deep pore cleansing agent and unclogs the pores very well. My pore areas felt cleaner and it made my skin fell very smooth and soft. This mask also has decent exfoliation properties and it removes surface dead cells. This is, of course, not meant for removing tough whiteheads and blackheads.

The scorching heat of the sun makes my face look reddish and develops sun rashes. In order to figure out how good this mask is in handling troubled skin problems for summer, this was the best test that could be done. After using this mask, I found my skin felt calmer and all the redness was gone. In fact, my skin looks less reddish these days even when I am outdoors as a result of using this mask. It felt so soothing on the skin.

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Cica Open

I also got rid of the tiny bumps which developed due to sun exposure on my forehead. The sun rashes did not vanish completely after first use, but yes at the very first application it flattened the bumps to some extent. After 3-4 applications of this mask on the forehead, the sun rashes flattened completely. I was like OMG!! This works like a miracle!!

This mask is highly effective in controlling sebum during summers. It helps in digging out excess oil from the pores and gives a mattified finish after you rinse off the product. My face remains oil-free and shine-free for about 7-8 hours. The oil accumulation at the T-zone also gets controlled in a massive way. I do develop pimples before my monthly menstrual cycle. It works the best on healing the pimples and makes my skin look flawless with every application.

If you have sensitive skin, chances are highly likely that you will develop breakouts on using new skincare and makeup products. This mask can come to your rescue then. It also feels very hydrating and does not dry out your skin at all because it contains glycerine as a chief ingredient. The effect of this mask stays for about 2 days. I use this 3-4 times week. During summers, you would need Cica based products because they work really well on oily, pigmented, inflamed and acne-prone skin. It is best-suited for oily skinned beauties who suffer from excess sebum problems.

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Cica Swatch

My skin has always been pretty sensitive and acne-prone in summers. This is by far the best clay mask I’ve used! It really works pretty well and seems high-quality. If you want to try color clay masks from Innisfree, buy this ‘Cica’ variant without giving a second thought. I saw results immediately. It is successful in controlling oil and calming irritated skin. Totally recommend it to the readers!

Pros of Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Cica:

• Hygienic tube packaging
• Color-coded theme
• Great for multi-masking
• Especially suited for oily skin and pimple problems
• Good for summers
• Cream-based clay mask
• Medium-thick consistency which spreads easily
• Mint green coloured clay mask
• Gives immediate results
• Makes skin soft and smooth
• Calms irritated skin
• Helps in solving pimple problems
• Reduces the size of bumps on sensitive skin
• Makes skin squeaky clean
• Removes dirt and impurities
• Relieves the dull and tireless texture
• Easy to rinse off
• Adds freshness to the skin
• Well suited for all skin types
• Did not break me out
• No fragrance
• Gentle formula
• Long-lasting results
• One of the best clay masks ever

Cons of Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Cica:

• None

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Cica?
Without a doubt, I will buy it again. I totally recommend it to the readers.

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Hydrating
Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Brightening
Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Purifying
Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Vitalizing
Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Refining
Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Calming
Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Calming

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