Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Vitalizing Review

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Skin Type: Oily and Sensitive

Hello beauties,

Summer is here and during these hot days, I love to pamper my oily skin with clay masks. When Innisfree launched their “Color Clay” range in India, I grabbed two of them. Today, I am going to share my views on Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Vitalizing. Now, let’s get into the details.

Product Description:
Innisfree brings to you Volcanic Colour Clay mask packs with 7 colours and 7 functions to combat different skin concerns at one time. The powerful sebum control effect of Jeju volcanic cluster provides clean pore care drawing out impurities from skin and ensuring brighter, radiant and glowing complexion. These can be used for “Multi-Masking” mask to combat different skin concerns at one time.Multi-Masking refers to using multiple mask packs at the same time according to skin concerns by skin area, instead of skin type. The Innisfree Volcanic colour clay mask comes with special ingredients such as Vitamin C complex (yellow) for brightening; Hyaluronic acid (blue) for hydration; Pomegranate seed oil (pink) for revitalizing skin; Madecassoside (green) for sebum control; Panthenol (purple) to soothe; Sea salts (white) to smoothen; and Mud (black) to detoxify.

DIY Multi-Masking – Your skin concerns vary from day to day. Choose the right solution for your skin among the seven coloured clay masks. Do your own Multi-Masking according to your different skin concerns by skin area! Volcanic Cluster Pink Mask infused with Jeju volcanic cluster and pomegranate seed oil essentially provides a revitalizing effect to make dull, lifeless skin appear vibrant. Its water-gel clay texture, thinly spreads and rapidly dries on the skin.
Volcanic cluster Pink Mask for sebum control and rejuvenation. Revitalizes dull and lifeless skin. Water-gel clay texture. Can be used for multi-masking.

Water,kaolin,propanediol,silica,glycerin,bentonite,titanium dioxide (ci 77891),microcrystalline cellulose,punica granatum seed oil,volcanic ash,camellia japonica leaf extract,opuntia coccinellifera fruit extract,camellia sinensis leaf extract,citrus unshiu peel extract,orchid extract,1,2-hexanediol,cellulose gum,xanthan gum,glyceryl caprylate,disodium edta,iron oxides (ci 77491).

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INR 700 for 70 ml.

My Experience with Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Vitalizing:

Packaging: This mask comes in a pretty, light pink colored tube with a dark brown flip flop cap, which I feel is a nice, hygienic packaging. I like this travel-friendly, lightweight tube, and it also comes with a paper box that contains all the information about the product. This is a bit expensive mask, but this tube contains 70 ml of product, which will last for long as I require a small amount of product to cover my face.

Texture and Consistency: This range has three types of clay masks – Water Gel Clay, Cream Clay and Transforming Texture. This “Vitalizing” mask is a pink color mask that has a very smooth, watery gel-like clay texture and the consistency is thin and creamy that spreads over the skin easily. It’s a very lightweight formula and my face gets a small amount of clay mask and it dry out within 5-10 minutes as well. It’s quite easy to rinse as well. I love this effortless formula that doesn’t tug or stretch like other clay masks. Now, this mask is especially formulated for dull and tired skin to revitalize its texture and it also claims to remove sebum. It contains pomegranate seed oil that is good to firm up the texture of skin. As I have super oily skin, during these summer days, my skin often looks tired, so this vitalizing clay mask works so good on my skin type to make it clear and fresh.

This mask helps to reduce sebum and makes my skin oil free. It also provides a boost of freshness to skin and makes it feel so smooth and soft. I love the way how it repairs the texture of my skin. It revitalizes the dull texture and provides a bright glow. It’s not too amazing to clean my pores, but then it’s a nice relaxing mask a long, tired day and acts as a weekend treatment for dull skin.

This clay mask provides decent hydration to my skin that and does not dry it out. I think it will also work for dry skin too. I love the fact that it makes my skin so clear and it suits sensitive skin as well.

The glow that this mask provides lasts for only one to two days and after that, it needs reapplication, it doesn’t provide long-lasting results, but keeps my skin soft and smooth for a few days.

This range has 7 masks for various skin issues and they are all of different colors, so I can also use them for multi masking for different issues. I love to use black mask on my T zone and the pink mask on my cheeks, and I have hydrating blue mask that I love to use on my jaw lines and forehead. This is my way to enjoy these color clay masks and it gives me fresh, clear, bright skin along with an oil-free super smooth texture.

Pros of Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Vitalizing:

  • Hygienic tube packaging.
  • Decently priced, will last long, just a small amount is required each time.
  • No fragrance.
  • Watery gel clay texture that spreads on the skin easily.
  • Dries out with 5-10 minutes, easy to rinse.
  • Lightweight, super smooth consistency.
  • Feels fresh and soothing.
  • Remove excess oil, keeps skin matte.
  • Skin feels clear, smooth and super soft.
  • Revitalizes dull, tired texture and adds a bright glow to the skin.
  • Good for all skin types, suits sensitive skin.
  • Perfect as a quick weekend treatment mask.

Cons of Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Vitalizing:

  • The glow that this mask provides doesn’t stay for long.

IMBB Rating:
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