Innisfree Nail Paints 9, 187 and Top Coat Review

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Today, I will be reviewing three nail paints from Innisfree – Real Color Nail in shade 9, Eco Nail Color Pro in shade 187 and the nail top coat. To know more about these nail paints and how they fared for me, read on further:

Innisfree Nail Paints and Top Coat Review

300 INR each for 6 ml.
Product Description:
The nail polish that delivers the color of beautiful Jeju Island on your nails. A flat brush specialized for coloring will help to paint easily even the widest surface of the nails. Special lasting formula promises vivid and glossy colors.Contains 100% Jeju tangerine extract.

My Experience with Innisfree 9, 187 and Top Coat:

Nail Paint 9:
The nail paint comes in a small glass bottle with a white cap. The label on the cap has all the details printed on it. The color is a pretty pastel pink shade. It has a glossy formulation. It is not too thick, nor too thin. The brush is slightly thin compared to other brands.

Innisfree nail paint 9

The pigmentation in the bottle seems very good, but on application, it is quite translucent. I had to put three layers of this nail paint to get an opaque finish. Additionally, the thin brush makes the application quite streaky. It takes a while to completely dry down, and sufficient time needs to be given for drying in between coats. Denting and chipping occurs quite easily with this nail paint.

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Innisfree 9 on hands

Pros of Innisfree Nail Paints 9:

  • Pretty pink shade.
  • Chic packaging.

Cons of Innisfree Nail Paints 9:

  • Brush application is streaky.
  • Three coats required minimum for proper opaqueness.
  • Time for drying is long.
  • Might not suit duskier skin tones.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Innisfree Nail Paint 9?
I would not buy this as it is expensive for the amount of nail paint provided. Also, it didn’t fair too well for me. I would recommend this to people who like pastel shades, as Innisfree has a huge collection of them.

Nail Paint 187:
The packaging and formulation is virtually the same as the previous nail paint (#9). The color is a very pale shade of blue. I like the unusual color. The pigmentation is not good and it also applies streaky. Even after three coats, the colour was not opaque. Overall, I am not satisfied with both the nail paints. The pros and cons remain the same.

Innisfree 187 nail paint

Pros of Innisfree Nail Paint 187:

  • Pretty pink shade.
  • Chic packaging.

Innisfree 187 nail paint on fingers

Cons of Innisfree Nail Paint 187:

  • Brush application is streaky.
  • Three coats required minimum for proper opaqueness.
  • Time for drying is long.
  • Might not suit duskier skin tones.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase Innisfree Nail Paint 187?
This color is quite unique, and will suit fair skinned people. However, I would not buy this, but rather try the nail paints that are more pigmented.

Innisfree Nail Top Coat:
It has the same packaging as the other two nail products. The nail top coat is transparent, just like any other top coat from another brand. I found nothing extraordinary about this product. Rather than providing beneficial features, this top coat actually drags away the colour beneath, no matter how long the colour underneath has dried. Even after carefully applying this, it does not dry down completely. It is prone to dents and chipping. I have used better nail top coats from other brands.

Innisfree top nail coat

Pros of Innisfree Nail Top Coat:

  • Chic packaging.

Cons of Innisfree Nail Top Coat:

  • Removes the colour underneath.
  • Prone to chipping and denting.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend Innisfree Nail Top Coat?
You can give this top coat a pass. There are other brands at better pricing.

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