Innisfree Special Care Hand Mask Review

I used this mask a lot during winters and my hands are still quite soft and smooth. Isn’t that amazing? Since I have used this mask regularly in the past, I do not have to use hand creams as often now. Read on to know more about Innisfree Special Care Hand Mask. 🙂

Innisfree Special Care Hand Mask Review

INR 200
Product Description:
A complete anti-aging repair serum that combats the nine symptoms of aging. Special treatment mask enhances the elasticity of the hands Herbal green complex extract! Seven natural herbal extracts adds vitality to the skin. The mask is soft and flexible to fit perfectly to your skin and deliver nutrients and moisture.

Innisfree Special Care Hand Mask ingredients

My Experience with Innisfree Special Care Hand Mask:

The packaging of these sheet masks from Innisfree is always good. Easy to use, simple and travel-friendly packaging. The product-related details are mostly mentioned in Korean but there is a sticker that carries information in English too, but that sticker is way too small. You can refer to their official website if you wish to read more about the product.

Innisfree Special Care Hand Mask details

I had never tried a hand mask like this, hence I was intrigued. The mask is made with super silky soft material from the outside. It looks like an oversized pair of gloves hence will fit every hand size easily. You just need to tear both the sheets apart and wear them. You can easily wear these masks on your hands and relax. These are full of essence, which was slightly too fragrant for me.

Innisfree Special Care Hand Mask label

I wear these gloves and keep them on for around 20 minutes so that the essence can get absorbed well. Believe me, this mask is a blessing, especially if you tend to do a lot of household chores like cooking, cleaning, dishes etc. I do not have to do a lot of chores but it worked pretty well for my mom. She, too, has used this a couple of times and her hands look and feel a lot softer and smoother.

Innisfree Special Care Hand Mask

Just 20 minutes of application makes your hands super soft, smooth and hydrated. And, the best thing is that the results last quite long. I have not used this mask in weeks and still, my hands are soft and smooth. It kept my hands moisturised throughout the winter and still I do not have to use a hand cream every day.

Innisfree Special Care Hand Mask on hands

Even though it works quite well and does everything it claims, I do not think it is a necessity. You can sure go for it if you’re into Korean skin care regimen or if your hands are always dry, but others can really do without it, especially if take good care of their hands otherwise. That’s why I feel I do not need it anymore. I would keep buying it for my mom but I can do without it.

Pros of Innisfree Special Care Hand Mask:

  • Packaging.
  • One size fits all.
  • Full of essence.
  • Makes skin soft, smooth and moisturised.
  • Non-sticky and non-greasy.
  • Repairs dry and rough hands.
  • A must-have if you do a lot of chores everyday.

Cons of Innisfree Special Care Hand Mask:

  • Expensive if you use it every few days.
  • Not a must-have for everyone.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase Innisfree Special Care Hand Mask?
Yes, but for my mom.
Would I Recommend Innisfree Special Care Hand Mask?
Yes, sure. You can pamper your hands with this mask every now and then if you do a lot of chores.

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