Innisfree Vita C Skin Clinic Mask Review

Skin type: Normal-dry

I really love to use sheet masks! They show instant results and do not require water at all. When I was at the Innisfree store, I obviously picked up a few of these. Here is the review of the first one, the Vita C one. 🙂
Innisfree Vita C Skin Clinic Mask Review

Product Description:
1. This whitening mask sheet contains vitamin C derivatives and niacinamide to brighten up dull, rough skin.

2. This 100% natural cotton sheet is made from soft cotton hairs around the cotton wool.

3. It is transparent and thin and has good adherence on the skin, which allows for its good substances to be more effective delivered into the skin.


INR 150

How to Use:
1. After cleansing, use toner to refine skin texture.
2. Take out mask from package and remove film. Evenly adhere it to entire face, avoiding eye and lip area.
3. Remove the sheet after 10~20 minutes and gently pat to allow the remaining formula to absorb into skin.

My Experience with Innisfree Vita C Skin Clinic Mask:

These sheet masks are very well packaged. Every detail like product description, ingredients, price etc is mentioned on the packaging. You just need to peel off a part of the package to take the sheet out. The sheet comes with another plastic sheet which keeps it safe and helps in maintaining the level of serum in the mask. The sheet mask fits the face well but it could be oversized for you if you have a small face. Still, it would not create much trouble.


The sheet comes drenched in serum but the serum doesn’t drip like crazy. It is a medium-thick consistency that makes it easy to use on the face. I kept the mask on my face for around 20 minutes and still the mask was kind of moist. The mask didn’t feel uncomfortable during the entire duration.


The results of this mask were instant and great. My skin looked instantly radiant and felt so soft and smooth to touch. My skin tends to get a bit dry but this mask hydrated my skin and made my skin calm. I could not see any “whitening” effect on the skin, as the brand claims but I was not seeking such effects anyway.


The great thing about this mask is that it is very cooling and is meant for every skin type. The results are instant but the results do not last for more than 5 days. Overall, I loved how this mask performed on my skin. It does almost everything it claims and I could not ask for more. I wish Innisfree products were available to each one of you. They can at least start selling online in India, right? 🙂

sheet mask

Pros of Innisfree Vita C Skin Clinic Mask:

• Very well packaged
• Mask fits the face well
• Travel friendly
• Does not feel uncomfortable
• Sufficient amount of serum
• Gives soft and smooth skin
• Skin looks instantly bright
• Superb way to get instant hydration
• Great for every skin type
• Very cooling

Cons of Innisfree Vita C Skin Clinic Mask:

• No skin whitening effect
• Results do not last for more than 5 days
• Availability

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Innisfree Vita C Skin Clinic Mask?
Yes and will surely try out other variants. These sheet masks are amazing and make skin dewy and radiant will regular usage.

Would I Recommend Innisfree Vita C Skin Clinic Mask?
Definitely. This brand offers a lot of variants for every skin type and concern. Make sure you try at least one if you are a skin care junkie like me.

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