Innisfree’s It’s Real Bamboo Mask Review

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Today, I am going to review my current favorite product, Innisfree’s It’s Real Bamboo Mask.

Product Description:
It is infused with the blend of herb complex water and ingredients from nature. This Real Mask adds vitality and energy to your skin.

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Rs.100/- for 20 ml.

My Experience with Innisfree It’s Real Bamboo Mask:

If you have read few of my previous posts, then you must be aware of my current obsession with Innisfree and its amazing face masks. Actually, it’s completely their fault. They offer so many options and variants in masks that it becomes almost impossible for me to control myself and I always end up with adding at least 5-10 masks in my cart. Basically, the fact that they use of natural ingredients in the masks is the main reason that why I keep on repurchasing one or the other mask.

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Now coming to the point; let me share my experience regarding this mask with you. But before proceeding with review, let me first quickly tell you that what exactly is this Bamboo and how it is beneficial for our delicate skin. Bamboo Extracts come from the leaves and stalks of an edible grass. It is a rich source of Silica. Its regular consumption helps in improving the condition of hair, skin, nails. It also helps in treating few medical disorders. Presence of anti-oxidants helps in reducing the wrinkles and fine lines and also slows down the process of ageing. It improves the radiance of skin and helps in making you look young.

As the summer is approaching, my skin has turned into an oil well. It is a main reason that why I hate summer so much. Handling oily skin, rough hair, sweating body, tanned skin is impossible for me. Anyways, I always make sure to pamper my skin on the weekend. Using home-made recipes on Saturdays and using these gentle masks on Sundays are my current skin care regime.

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This mask comes in the typical packaging like any other face mask available in the market. The texture, shape and size of the mask are also quite similar with any other mask. The mask contains the serum enriched with the goodness of nature. The texture of the serum is bit runny but nothing to worry. It doesn’t drip from face or creates any mess. It has very mild, soothing and refreshing fragrance. It will not bother sensitive noses.

It is mentioned on the packaging that keep this mask for 10-20 minutes, but I generally leave it for 30 minutes so that my skin can get enough time to absorb all the serum from the mask. My skin looks sticky and slippery after removing the mask because of the serum. I gently massage my serumed face with light hands so that skin can absorb it. After this short massage session, I wash my face with my favorite cleanser and kept checking in the mirror to notice any transformation in my skin but nothing as such happened.

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After the waiting period of long 5-6 hours, my skin finally started showing the after effects. My skin was looking much more relaxed and fresh than before. It added some glow on my face which increased even more next day. I was not the only one who noticed this positive change on my face, even my classmates complimented me for this pretty glow.

Overall, it is an amazing way to pamper our skin and get the desired results. Though the results stay only for 3-4 days, but what more can we even expect in 100 bucks. So, if you haven’t tried any face mask yet, it is high time to finally give them a shot and in case you have already used any face mask, then you must be well aware that how effective they are.

Pros of Innisfree It’s Real Bamboo Mask:

• It contains the goodness of Bamboo and Green Complex.
• It contains natural ingredients.
• It energizes the tired skin.
• The effect stays for 3-4 days.
• Mask easily covers the whole face.
• Consistency of serum is perfect, neither too thick nor too runny.
• It is a Paraben -free product.
• It doesn’t make tall claims and delivers what it claims.

Cons of Innisfree It’s Real Bamboo Mask:

• It takes atleast 5-6 hours to show the after-effect.
• Availability is a big issue with this brand.
• Some might find it costly.

IMBB Rating:
4/5 (0.5 marks deducted for availability and 0.5 marks deducted for taking time to show the results)

Will I repurchase Innisfree It’s Real Bamboo Mask?
Though I loved this mask a lot, but I don’t think I’ll repurchase it. I’ll try some other variant.

Do I recommend Innisfree It’s Real Bamboo Mask?
If you are a nature lover and try to add as much as greenery in your life and skin care regime, then this product is definitely for you. Your skin will love this little pampering.
Wish you all a great and relaxing weekend ahead. Reviews of other variants are coming super soon, so stay tuned.

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