Inspiring Stories of Bollywood Stars

We see our Bollywood stars living a fairy tale life and we think that they are so lucky. They are living a life that ordinary people like you and I, can only dream of. But, some of them have had to struggle really hard before becoming what they are today. Let us have a look at some of these self-made stars.

Inspiring Stories of Bollywood Stars

Nawazuddin Siddiqui:

Inspiring Stories of Bollywood Stars 2

He is a farmer’s son. He worked as a watchman and a chemist before entering the world of theatre. He was dead broke, when he decided to come to Mumbai. He was rejected from every role that he auditioned for because of his unconventional non-heroic looks. He did roles that lasted only seconds starting from Shool in 1999 and then after years of struggle he finally got recognition in Peepli Live in 2010. Now, that is called pure consistence and determination.

Amitabh Bachchan:

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The shehanshah of Bollywood in every true sense of the word and he did not have it easy too. He was rejected from many movies because of his looks and his height. He was also rejected from All India Radio because of his deep baritone. His 7 movies flopped at the box office and then came Zanjeer and there has not been any looking back since then.

Irrfan Khan:

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This fine actor belongs to a lower middle class family. He was a student of National School of Drama and thought movies will the gradual next big step for him. But he could not be more wrong about it. He had to manage with meagre roles in many TV serials. He did not even get paid for many of them. Even when he got movies, his role went unnoticed. It was quite recently, after struggling of many years, a film like The Lunchbox came and world went crazy over his performance.

Kangana Ranaut:

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It was not just a struggle for acting but also a battle with the family that counts. Kangana belongs to a very conservative family in Himachal Pradesh. She left home, when she was merely 16 years of age. Her family was dead against her going out of the house and doing films. She had to survive on bread and pickle during her struggling days and then gangster happened. There is no looking back since then.

Vidya Balan:

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She is a leading star today and has proved her potential over and over again. But, gods were not all happy with her in the beginning of her career. She did a very popular serial, Hum Paanch and numerous ads in the beginning of her career. She got offered a southern film. But, the movie got shelved. She got the title of a jinxed star and nobody wanted to work with her. She got kicked out of 12 movies afterwards. She still did not lose hope and held on and that is when Parineeta happened.

Farah Khan:

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She is an ace choreographer and a successful director today. Her family went from riches to rags, when one of her father’s movie flopped. She was just a merely 5 years of age. Her family had to struggle really hard to make ends meet. After years of struggle, she entered Bollywood as an assistant and has been working ever since. She has had no formal training in dance but has choreographed almost all major stars in the movie industry.

Mithun Chakraborty:


The grand master of a dance show today, used to dance on stage to earn money. He used to hope that someone will spot him and give him a big break. His many films flopped and he worked in many B grade movies before getting a strong foothold in industry.


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The evergreen actress of Bollywood did not have a normal childhood. Her father never married her mother. She was a girl born out of wedlock. at a mere age of 13 she had to come to Mumbai to search for work. When the kids her age were in school she had to dress up every day in uncomfortable clothes and struggle for work. She had to work really really hard to get to a position she is in today.

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