Interesting Ways to Wear Polka Dots

Hi ladies,
Polka dots are one of the classiest prints and are fun to wear. Let’s find out how you can wear this evergreen trend with ease and style.

Blouse or top:

polka top
A free flowing, easy-breezy polka dot blouse or a top is just perfect for summer time. You can go for smaller and monochromatic polka dots for a more formal look or you can try vibrant shades with bigger polka dots for a fun look.


polka scarf
A colourful polka dot scarf is enough to take any of your neutral outfit from casual to dressy. Polka dots do a great job of breaking the monotony of a monochromatic look. One scarf of quality fabric will get you through many months and years with ease and will add a pop of colour to your casuals.

With florals:

mixing polka and floral
Mixing prints is always fun and when you are talking about classic prints like florals and polka dots then it becomes all the more fun. The key to mixing these prints is to stick to one colour palette while working around your outfit. You can also mix and match different variations and sizes of prints in florals.

Retro inspired dress:

retro polka
Polka dots give off a retro vibe and are considered to be classic and feminine. The easiest and fool-proof way to wear polka dots is as a dress. Go for a short polka dot dress and wear solid coloured heels with it. Do not accessorize much but do your hair in Hollywood curls for a perfect vintage look. Oh and don’t forget red lippie!

Maxi dress:

polka maxi dress
If you are not all for short dresses then definitely opt for maxi dresses in polka prints for an effortless and chic vibe. They are very easy to style as well. Just slip on the dress, wear your favourite footwear, take a bag along and you are sorted!


polka shoes
All eyes will be on your heels when you’ll twirl around the town in them! Want to make a bold style statement with your footwear then go for polka printed heels and wear them with any kinds of dresses, skirts or even jeans.


polka bikini
Bikinis don’t have to be boring and plain. You can go for polka dot bikinis for a chic look. You can also try vintage, high waisted polka printed bikinis too like good ol’ times.

Nail paint:

polka nail polish
This nail design is easiest to achieve but looks so chic. All you need to do is apply nail paint of your choice and then take a dotting tool or bobby pin and add dots to your nail with different nail polish shade. Layer it with a top coat and you are all set.


polka pants
You can go for different styles of pants with polka dots. Wear these colourful pants with solid hued tops and keep everything else very basic and let the cute prints steal the limelight.

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