Coloressence Long-Wear Gel Eye liner in Dark Green Review

Coloressence Long-Wear Gel Eye liner in Dark Green Review
Hello IMBBians,

I know many of you were waiting for the review of the dark green shade, so today I am here with it. Let’s see how this shade faired on me.

Coloressence Lon


INR 499 for 3g.

Coloressence Lon


The liner pot comes safely packed in a cardboard packaging, the pack also has some color coded areas in it, which will give you the general idea of the inside color. The liner comes in a small plastic round pot with a black screw cap. The liner also comes with a brush applicator, which is generally good for making thick lines of the liner. The brush has a sharp tip which can poke your eyes, so be careful while using the attached brush. In comparison with the Maybelline gel liner which comes in a bulky glass packaging, this liner may look a little cheap, but I like it as the plastic pot is extremely light weight, which makes it very comfortable to carry it anywhere without adding ½ kg of the weight in your handbag 🙂 .

Product Description and Ingredients:

Coloressence Lon

My Take on Coloressence Long-Wear Gel Eye Liner in Dark Green:

Shade: Dark green is actually a frosty or metallic dark moss green color. It can also be called khaki green, as the color is really close. I found the color a little bit unique in the world of gel eye liners. The color will suit every skin tone and is a wearable shade for every day.

Coloressence Lon

Coloressence Lon

Texture and Finish: The liner has a very smooth and creamy texture just like butter, the consistency is tad creamier than Maybelline ones. The application is smooth, with no dragging. The liner takes a minute to dry completely and after that it sets. It won’t smudge or transfer to the above crease area and it’s completely water-proof. But if you’re somebody who rubs or wipe your eyes frequently as I do, the liner may fade away from that area leaving an uneven line; it’s because of the extremely creamy gel consistency which doesn’t smudge, but can fade or turn flaky if rubbed. But generally this liner doesn’t tend to be flaky or neither chips off. The liner has a metallic finish with a mild sheen.

Coloressence Lon

Coloressence Lon

Pigmentation: The gel liner is very decently pigmented, but with this shade I noticed that it goes a little uneven in the first swipe because of the shimmers in it. I would suggest layering the liner in 2 layers maximum if you want a solid even line of color, but don’t go too much in layering as the liner would cake up.

Staying Power: The liner stays on me for 7-8 hours without fading or smudging. It lasts even longer, but as I have the habit of touching my eyes, so it fades away from the inner corners and what I have is just an uneven line of the liner. If you want to make the liner last for almost the whole day, avoid touching your eyes or you surely need a touch up.

Coloressence Lon

Coloressence Lon

Pros of Coloressence Long-Wear Gel Eye Liner in Dark Green:

  • The shade says dark green, but it’s actually a gorgeous dark khaki or deep moss green color, with concentrated but finely milled golden shimmers in it.
  • The shade is apt to wear every day and will suit every Indian skin tone.
  • The packaging may look plastic-ey, but is very light weighted.
  • Texture is very smooth and creamy. It glides very easily because of the little thin consistency.
  • Pigmentation is good and buildable.
  • Staying power is very good for 7-8 +hrs, without fading or chipping.
  • The liner is completely water and smudge-proof.
  • The liner gives a nice warm sheen, which appears very pretty.
  • The liner dries pretty quickly, but it’ll be better to wait for a few more seconds to let it set completely.

Cons of Coloressence Long-Wear Gel Eye Liner in Dark Green:

  • You’ll need a good eye makeup remover to remove the residue of the liner; otherwise it’ll give you a hard time removing it.
  • The liner doesn’t go on evenly in 1 layer  because of the concentrated shimmers in it. For a bold and even liner you’ll have to layer it in 2 layers.
  • Be careful while drawing a line as the liner will look cakey at some places where it just clogs up.
  • The sharp tip of the attached brush can poke your eyes if you’ve a shaky hand, so be careful with that.
  • It fades with vigorous rubbing.

Would I recommend Coloressence Long-Wear Gel Eye Liner in Dark Green?

Yes, you can surely try this shade, after jet blacks and browns I think khaki or military green colors looks superb on Indian skin tones. So I’ll ask everyone to have this shade. And if you don’t have the habit of rubbing or touching your eyes it’ll sure last on you longer.

IMBB Rating:


See you girls for the next time.

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