Is Curling Wand or Iron Better?

When women want to look glam, they depend on their hairstyling tools, and to mention precisely, curling wands and curling irons. Since these hairstyling tools are named differently, designed quite a bit different, and priced differently too, people seeking a curling machine often get confused when it comes to choosing between the two. Find out all about the difference between curling wand and iron, and also whether curling wand or iron is better to create beautiful hairstyles.

Difference Between Curling Wand and Curling Iron:
Before deciding to invest in either a curling iron or curling wand, it’s best to make sure you understand the differences.

A curling iron has a clip over the barrel whereas the curling wand does not. And for those who do not know the history of curling tools, the curling wand was introduced as people started wrapping their hair around the outside of the barrel because teh wand heats up faster, and gives results much faster than the iron.

Curling iron is good for making neat curls of all sizes, it depends on the size of iron you are using (3/8″ = tightest, 2″ = loosest). However, there will be a small indentation mark due to the clasp, but that doesn’t ruin the overall hairstyle. On the other hand, a curling wand has no clasp and can create natural and beachy waves. By using a narrow narrow barrel wand, one can get curls with rings that gradually get smaller at the end. However, curling iron would not give you different curl sizes as their barrels are all of  uniformly measured.

A curling iron should be positioned differently in the hair than a curling wand. With a curling iron, the cord should be down, and with a curling wand, the cord should be up. This positioning also makes a difference in the results.

Which one is Better?
It’s really hard to choose between these two types of curling tools. If you want your curling session to be quick, and want long-lasting curls, then curling wand is best for you. However, if you plan to wedding and parties, and want smooth and shiny curls, then pick curling iron.

A traditional curling iron can be used without the clip, providing very similar benefits as the curling wand.  If you want polished curls, opt for the curling iron.

Hope this article provided a good insight on curling iron and wands. If you’ve anything to share, do post your comments below.


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