Is “Makeup Revolution London’s, Redemption Palette Hot Smoked” The Perfect Dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked Palette?

Makeup Revolution London, Redemption Palette Hot Smoked Review

by Tanya S

As you all know Urban Decay’s Naked Palette is world famous and almost every girl wants to have it, but unfortunately due to its unavailability in India not everybody can have it. Also it is very expensive, not everybody can shell out Rs3360 for an eye shadow palette. So what’s the alternative for it? Well, it’s the Makeup Revolution London, Redemption Palette in Hot Smoked. It’s easily available on online for half the price.

Makeup Revolution London

Anyways, everything comes with a price and so is this eye shadow palette, I mean obviously you have to pay for it but what I mean is that you have to pay for the degraded quality, as compared to the Naked Palette as well. Read on and you’ll see what I mean.

My Experience with Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette in Hot Smoked:

Well to start off with the packaging it is not completely same as the Urban Decay palette because copyright issues, duh! 😛 But yeah, it is somewhat similar and it is quite sturdy. The palette contained a double sided latex sponge applicator, to be honest I don’t even know why are they even made now days, they are pretty much useless. So there was the first difference between both the palettes. Naked Palette has a proper double faced brush, whereas the cheap Makeup Revolution has a latex sponge applicator.

Makeup Revolution London

Makeup Revolution London

How about pigmentation? These shadows contain average pigmentation. Nothing to be too excited about. As you can see in the swatches even with flash or under daylight you can’t see a few shades, so that’s that. Staying power is really bad. The only shade that works well is black because of its strength as a color. I tried to put on gold and had to put layers and layers of the product in order to make it a little visible. Blending power however is good, nothing to complain about because blending depends mostly upon your technique and the brush you’re using. Usually palettes of any kind don’t have large quantity of shades and that’s normal with this palette as well.

Makeup Revolution London

Makeup Revolution London

Pros of Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette in Hot Smoked:

  • Claims to be a dupe for the highly appreciated Urban Decay’s Naked Palette
  • Blending power is good.
  • Cheap and easily available.

Cons of Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette in Hot Smoked:

  • Pigmentation is poor
  • Staying power is not good
  • Double sided sponge applicator is useless
  • Nothing compared to the original Urban Decay palettes.

Would I Repurchase Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette in Hot Smoked?

NO, never!

Would I Recommend Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette in Hot Smoked?

Nope! Don’t go for it, you’ll end up burning your money like I did. I was excited to buy my first eye shadow palette and got my heart broken by this poor quality palette, but it’s okay, it’s just my first. Also, if you’re new to eye makeup and want to play and get something just for experimenting then you can buy it.

IMBB Rating:

2.5 / 5.

Also, if you guys could help me out a little it would be great. It says on the back of the product that it is best before May’17 but the little pot like icon says 12M, which means it will be good for use till 12 months after the product has been opened. I’m confused as to what to follow.
Thanks 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Is “Makeup Revolution London’s, Redemption Palette Hot Smoked” The Perfect Dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked Palette?

  1. Ouch!!! That’s bad 🙁 I purchased two eyeshadow palettes from salvation and iconic range, and they seem to be too good… 🙂 I guess we should all use eyeshadows for an year max, and then ditch it..though there are expiry dates, but actual shelf lives of makeup products are less. Rest, there are more experienced people here to guide you. 🙂

    1. Should have got the iconic palette smoked has been criticized by bloggers worldwide, because of the shade selection in this palette too 🙁

      1. Yeah youre right, I’ll use it for an year only.
        Yes maybe i should’ve selected some other from Makeup Revolution.
        And not everybody is a pro like you na? I mean im absolutely mesmerised by your GOSF haul. Teach me a few tips for next year okay? 😀

        1. Hahahah!! Nahi yaar I am no pro 🙂 It is just that I make it a point to check the reviews of a product before buying it. Specially if it is a new brand or new range that I am spending my bucks on. 🙂 After reading your review, all I can say is that thank god I did not go for this palette. Looks and perform horrendous. 😮 🙁

  2. Hi Tanya,
    D bin like symbol on any cosmetic product indicates the time span after which the product should be disposed off once you have opened and started using it. The expiry date shows the life of any unused/unopened product. I hope I have cleared your doubt. 🙂

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