It’s Skin Honey Firm and Glow Sheet Mask Review

Here’s another variant from It’s Skin brand and this variant is “Honey.”

Its Skin Honey Firm and Glow Sheet Mask

Product Description:
The Fresh Mask Sheet Honey from Its Skin is said to provide the much needed Glow and Elasticity to your face with just one use. It is skin safety tested and perfect to be used on all types of skin.
100 INR for 20 ml.

Its Skin Honey Firm and Glow Sheet Mask ingredient

My Experience with It’s Skin Honey Firm and Glow Sheet Mask:

My skin type is combination skin, but it started leaning more towards dry in this monsoon climate. So, I started using more sheet masks and these masks from It’s skin are one of my many splurges this season. Coming to It’s Skin masks, their “Fresh” mask range has three types – light, medium and rich. This Honey sheet mask belongs to the medium range. The other two being rose and pomegranate. These are their basic sheet masks. Mostly, the basic ones do not cater to any specific needs and the same goes for these sheet masks too. So, I did not have any specific expectation form these masks other than hydration.

Its Skin Honey Firm and Glow Sheet Mask open

The outer packaging comes with the ingredient list and the directions in English. It also says that this mask is for firm and glow, but you will know about that in a minute.

The sheet mask is made of thick, cottony material. The mask is not fully drenched in the essence and the essence is plain watery type. One thing to note is that it did have a smell which was like a fruit-flavoured perfume. I found the smell bearable and even enjoyed the smell along with the mask, but if you are allergic to perfumed products, check the ingredients thoroughly before buying.

Its Skin Honey Firm and Glow Sheet Mask

The fit of the mask was okay, but it had a few air bubbles when I placed it on my face, and smoothing out the air bubbles was very tough, but it stayed in place even when I was moving around a lot. After 20 minutes, it had very little essence left and I massaged it on to my face.

The essence absorbed very fast and dried out on my face leaving a tacky sensation which went off after following it up with a moisturizer.

The mask had hydrated my skin well, but it did not do anything for the dry areas of the face. It was more than enough for my T-zone which will get oily soon. The mask did add a bit of glow and brightness to the face. This was an added bonus from this mask sheet.

Overall, I liked this honey mask better than all the other fresh range masks from It’s Skin.

Pros of It’s Skin Honey Firm and Glow Sheet Mask:

  • Easy and comfortable to use.
  • It gives a good amount of hydration. If you have oily skin, this amount of hydration will be enough.
  • The essence is watery and gets absorbed easily.
  • It stays well on the face.
  • Gives a bit of glow to the face which was totally unexpected.

Cons of It’s Skin Honey Firm and Glow Sheet Mask:

  • The essence is a bit sticky once dry.
  • The mask dries very fast. The ideal time to leave this mask would be 10 to 15 minutes.
  • The material of the mask is thick which is quite uncomfortable sometimes.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend It’s Skin Honey Firm and Glow Sheet Mask?
Yes, I would recommend this mask compared to the other masks from this range.

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