It’s Skin UV Away Perfect Sun Block SPF 50+ PA+++ Review

Hello ladies,

Since many years Korean beauty industry has been setting skincare goals! Their 10 step skin care is what beauty influencers keep talking about all the time. Besides the innovative products, their cute and colorful packaging is another reason why people cannot skip their collection. I jumped into the bandwagon and picked up a sunblock which has become my absolute favourite. Keep reading to find out more about this amazing sunblock.

It’s Skin UV Away Perfect Sun Block Swatch

Price: INR 760 (price is less if one purchases from Korean stores directly)
Product Description and Claims:
Everything from claims to ingredients are mentioned at the back of the tube but in Korean language. Even their website does not have any relevant information.

My Experience with It’s Skin UV Away Perfect Sun Block SPF 50+ PA+++:

This sunblock comes packed in a sleek tube with a nozzle-like opening. The product needs to be discharged by pressing the body of the tube. Thanks to the texture and the packaging there is no chance of spillage while using or carrying this around. Like most Korean products, this tube is so small that it can be slipped into any sling bag while travelling.

It’s Skin UV Away Perfect Sun Block Swatch

The sunblock has a faint medicine like fragrance which obviously fades away within a few minutes of application, so no worries for sensitive noses. The white coloured sunblock has a creamy, rich texture. Usually, I apply this product at the last after my whole CTM is over. It just needs to be tapped on the skin for half a minute to sink in completely.

One can massage it as well but I prefer the former as needs to sit on my skin not get absorbed into it. It blends into the skin almost instantly. There is a subtle white cast but that changes into a complexion looking brightened instead of white. I have medium skin tone with yellow undertones; on my skin, it does not look like a white layer sitting on top.

It’s Skin UV Away Perfect Sun Block Back

Once applied it sets to the most beautiful finish ever. It gives a satin-like glowing look which appears extremely fresh. Unlike other creams which either have a matte, invisible or oily finish, this gives a healthy glow to the face. As promised it keeps my skin protected against tan and sun burns but there is more to it.

At the end of the day, my face still looks extremely fresh and presentable. Without this sunblock at the end of the day I find my skin looking tired and greasy but this does not let my face get into that. I think any skin type and complexion will like including this one into their skin routine. I have been using this on and off for about two months but did not face any breakout or skin irritation.

It’s Skin UV Away Perfect Sun Block Nozzle

Although it is one of the best I have tried, there are a few points I should mention before one thinks of picking this up. On humid days, this feels slightly heavy on the skin but a compact can cure that easily. If one applies this around 15 minutes prior to stepping out (which is normally the rule of applying sun protection) then it gets enough time to settle down, adding to it a layer of loose powder or compact, the heaviness is gone.

In any case, I think a compact is a must to set all the layer of products applied and not let dust sit on the skin. However, the good part is that even after the compact’s effect is gone, this sunblock ensures that skin remains fresh as it does not make the skin oily after a few hours. Another point is that owing to the language used on the product body, its difficult to determine the ingredient list. Otherwise, it is worth repurchasing again and again.

It’s Skin UV Away Perfect Sun Block Swatch

Pros of It’s Skin UV Away Perfect Sun Block SPF 50+ PA+++:

Extremely high and effective sun protection for Indian climate
Keeps skin protected against sunburns and tan
No white cast (vanishes after a few minutes of application)
Blends in easily to give a brightened finish
Gives a satin-like glow
Keeps skin fresh until the end of the day
Easy to carry around without any fear of spillage

Cons of It’s Skin UV Away Perfect Sun Block SPF 50+ PA+++:

A compact is a must to combat heaviness. (However, that happens on humid days only)
Owing to the language used, it’s difficult to read the ingredient list (Not a con as the product is a bomb)

IMBB Rating: 4.9/5
Would I Recommend It’s Skin UV Away Perfect Sun Block SPF 50+ PA+++?
Yes! Yes and Yes! I consider this a prized possession. As a sunblock, it works as a strong shield against the harmful UV rays of the sun and does not let the skin get burnt, discoloured or tanned. Also, it ensures that my skin does not have to bear an unappealing white cast rather it looks fresh and glowing all day long (even after the effect of the compact fades away). I will recommend this to all skin types and definitely keep repurchasing this one until I find something as good as this one.

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