J.Cat Beauty The Big Eye Pencil – Spinach Review

Hello pretty damsels!
These Big Eye Pencils by J.Cat are like the NYX jumbo eye pencils and they even look alike except the former is a little slimmer than the latter. I liked the performance of this product which was a surprise because I didn’t like NYX jumbo eye pencils. Keep reading to know why I am so happy with this product.

J.Cat Beauty The Big Eye Pencil – Spinach Review

Price: $3.99

Product Description:
Bigger is definitely better! Our Big Eye Pencil can be used as a blendable eye shadow or creamy eyeliner delivering amazing pigment available in 18 mesmerizing hues.


My Take on J.Cat Beauty The Big Eye Pencil – Spinach:

This is a unique color to dabble with and not a shade I am that fond of but I still wanted to add it to my vanity to bring more color to my makeup collection.


Packaging: Product comes in a fat pencil form with white outer cover and a clear plastic cap which just like NYX jumbo pencil’s cap is prone to cracking and breakage. I wish the pencil had a twist up mechanism but instead it has to be sharpened every time and the whole process is all the more messy because of super soft texture of the product.


Texture: It is super soft and buttery and is very easy to apply and blend. Before I wear my makeup, I apply Maracuja oil around my eyes as part of my skin care regime and that tends to break my makeup at times despite a good primer underneath, but this product did not crease or break especially after I topped it with a green color powder eye shadow.


Color: It is called spinach so I was expecting a dark green color or forest green shade but it turned out to be a minty green color which I found a bit garish but I made it work by paring it with an olive green powder eye shadow.

eye swatch

Pigmentation: One sweep gives a good color pay off and gives a brilliant mint green color which would look especially pretty on fair skin toned beauties.
Wear time: Once applied do not mess with it for at least 15 seconds or top it up with a powder shadow or translucent powder and one can wear it for good 8 to 12 hours.

Pros of J.Cat Beauty The Big Eye Pencil – Spinach:

• Product comes in a pencil form and can be used as a eye shadow or eye liner.
• Gives a good color payoff in one stroke.
• No fragrance.
• Easy to blend and smudge.
• Color looks very pretty on fair skin tones and is clearly visible on water line.
• It is water proof, sweat proof and smudge proof.
• It is affordable.
• It can be used underneath a powder eye shadow to intensify the color and increase the wear time.

Cons of J.Cat Beauty The Big Eye Pencil – Spinach:

• Needs to be sharpened which leads to product wastage.
• Cap is very fragile.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Would I Repurchase J.Cat Beauty The Big Eye Pencil – Spinach?
Not this particular shade but would like to buy other shades from this range. I do recommend it to readers and is worth a try.

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