J.F. Lazartigue Vita Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask

J.F. Lazartigue Vita Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask

Price: Rs. 3000

Product Description:

A rich restorative & conditioning cream mask
Formulated with shea butter & Vitamin E to repair hair shaft in its deeper structure
Minimizes static electricity without weighing hair down
Provides optimum moisture & conditioning
Unveils smoother, shiner & healthier hair
Ideal for dry, thick & normal hair
To use: Before washing, apply to damp hair, concentrating on the most damaged part of the hair. Leave on for at least 2 hours. Rinse well and follow with recommended shampoo. J.F. Lazartigue Vita Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask

My Experience with J.F. Lazartigue Vita Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask:

So my mum, who has gorgeously long hair, and I were strolling about on a mini shopping spree in Mauritius when we walked into a little cosmetic boutique. Considering the fact that my mum has amazing hair, she always walks into hair product shops and walks out after spending a fortune. As did happen the way we walked into this store. The store lady explained to us in broken french and BHOJPURI! (yup, that’s widely used by the Mauritians) about the miracle product that keeps her short silver pageboy so shiny and happy 😀 We were immediately lured into spending a bit of a fortune on a few yummy goodies, one of which I’ll be reviewing for you today.

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Packaged in a decent, no non-sense tub that’s travel friendly, the mask is a very very thick heavenly smelling goopy liquid which immediately transports you to a little tropical island full of vanilla and coconut smells. And not the plastic-y, cloyingly sweet vanilla either. I’m talking real mature, natural, spicy-sweet vanilla that’ll make you weak in the knees, and lingers in your hair right until your next wash! They also give you a cute little spatula for the hygiene factor, The consistency is very thick, but easily spreadable, so you wont need too much. I prefer leaving it on overnight for the shampoo commercial hair, but about 2-3 hours also works pretty well.
Because of the shea butter, after washing, my normally dry, wispy curls get the defination and mositure of a shampoo commercial. My hair is immediately detangled and more curls become more pronounced , without becoming coil-y. The softness of my hair right after this is literally unbeatable. And its rare for curly hair to shine that much! This has to be my HG mask, and something my mum swears by. However, since its SO thick and rich, don’t use it too often. Its more of an in between washes kind of a treat. I use it once or twice in a month. The only problem I can see with it are that and its availability. Once mum and I got hooked, we’ve managed a steady stream through online shopping, although the prices vary everywhere. Definitely not for oily hair, obviously as its meant for thick dry hair. Love it! 🙂

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Pros of J.F. Lazartigue Vita Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask :

 Super creamy
 The smell!!!!!!
 Very rich and thick
 Gives shampoo commercial hair
 Luxurious feel
 Smell lingers forever 🙂
 As its SO rich, it’ll happily detangle your hair for you.
 Travel Friendly
 Paraben Free

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Cons of J.F. Lazartigue Vita Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask :

 Availability
 Too creamy, so not for oily heads.
 Price

As an after treat, here’s a picture of my mums long long hair.
long hair

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