Jane Iredale Detail Brush Review

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Hello everybody,

Today, I am sharing my views on Jane Iredale Detail Brush, which is made of taklon nylon. A small flat brush ideal for tiny spaces; looks professional and feels luxurious. To know more about this Detail Brush, please continue reading.

jane iredale detail brush

Price: £9.60 after discount
Product Description: A short, dense synthetic brush made of taklon nylon. Use for any detail work in lines or around the eyes and lips.

My Experience with Jane Iredale Detail Brush:

The synthetic hair brush comes packed in a cream coloured wooden handle which has a metal gripper. This metal gripper enables easy handling and application. The detail brush is packed in a thin and transparent plastic cover, which is not very appealing.

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Recently, I replenished my makeup kit with some new makeup brushes. I wanted to get rid of old, unwanted brushes and buy some new varieties which were missing in my vanity. The idea was to get good brushes, at reasonable prices. I had a variety of choices, but somehow was inclined to buy a few from Jane Iredale, one of them being the detail brush. I have experimented most of Jane Iredale products and this time I decided to try their makeup brushes.

jane iredale detail brush name

Detail brush is made of synthetic hair and can be used for dry, wet and creamy products. It is basically for those areas around eye and lip contour which are not easily reachable. I bought this brush with the same other thoughts; however it’s become my permanent eyeliner brush. Of course I do use it for other detailing jobs as and when required, after cleansing it thoroughly.

Brush texture is soft and smooth, glides and applies products easily. Initially I used this brush for outlining my lips and also applying eyeshadow below my lower lash and inner corner of my eyes. One day, I used it for lining my upper eyelid with a powder eyeshadow and to get a “built up” effect I first made the brush wet and wow the way it glided and the effect it gave was commendable. From that day onwards to apply any eyeliner, be it dry, wet or creamy, I prefer using this brush only.

jane iredale detail brush bristles

After every use, I clean the bristles with a wet tissue and then keep it back, after drying. In fact, recently I cleansed this brush with Clinique Brush Cleanser. Even after cleansing the brush very often, all bristles are intact. After cleaning and drying, the brush retains its original shape and remains soft; does not stiffen or become hard. Yes, when wet it becomes stiff, but that’s what helps in easy and smooth application of wet and creamy products. Overall, I am total game for this brush and whenever I apply eyeliner with a brush, I only use this brush. I use it to even apply Jane Iredale Mystikol Aquamarine Eyeliner, since the original applicator does not deposit the required amount of eyeliner to get the desired effect.

Pros of Jane Iredale Detail Brush:

• Flat and small brush ideal for tiny spaces and areas like eye and lip contour.
• Synthetic brush made of taklon nylon, looks professional and feels luxurious.
• Texture of the brush hair is soft and smooth.
• Glides easily and applies smoothly.
• Metal gripper enables easy holding and smooth application.
• Can be used for applying dry, wet and creamy products.
• Does not stiffen or shed bristles after cleaning with brush cleanser or wet wipes.
• Gluten free and vegan.

Cons of Jane Iredale Detail Brush:

• None in my opinion

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Repurchase Jane Iredale Detail Brush?
Yes, if required.
Would I Recommend Jane Iredale Detail Brush?
Yes, definitely.

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