Jane Iredale Eye Contour Brush Review

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Today, I will be sharing my views on Jane Iredale Eye Contour Brush, which is another new addition to my makeup brushes. This one is a flat brush with a tapered contour especially designed for working in the crease. It is made of pony hair, looks professional and feels luxurious. To know more about this eye contour brush, please continue reading.

Jane Iredale Eye Contour Brush Review

Price: £9.60
Product Description: A short, medium density brush with a softly slanted tip made of pony hair. Use to apply eye shadow accent colour. Similar in size, to the eye shadow brush. This product is gluten free, does not contain wheat.
Packaging: Jane Iredale Eye Contour Brush is made of pony hairs and come packaged with a cream coloured wooden handle plus a metal gripper. This professional looking brush comes packaged in a thin and transparent plastic cover which is not very appealing to me.

My Experience with Jane Iredale Eye Contour Brush:

As mentioned in my previous reviews, I have recently added some new makeup brushes to my vanity and one of them is this Jane Iredale Eye Contour Brush. So, let’s start with my experience with this new eye contour brush. Before I got this brush, I was using the normal eyeshadow brushes from Natio and Clinique. The intention behind picking this angled contour brush with medium density was to apply eyeshadow in the crease with accuracy and comfort.

Jane Iredale Eye Brush

I use this brush mainly for applying dry eyeshadow. The tapered tip provides ease of application when it comes to applying eyeshadows on the lids and also into the crease. When creating a smoky look or defined crease look, I use the flat side of the brush to apply the eyeshadow all over my eyelid and use the angled tip into the crease contour, then I use the crease brush to blend both the shades and get a softer effect. Jane Iredale Eye Contour Brush is made of natural pony hair.

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Jane Iredale Eye Contour Brush

The texture is soft and smooth and does not irritate the sensitive skin near my eye contour area. This brush enables easy and precise application and could be used for applying wet and creamy products. The brush picks up the exact amount of the product required, hence lesser swipes are required to get the built up, desired effect. Even after cleaning it with a wet tissue on a regular basis, a cleansing wipe on a weekly basis and thorough cleansing with a brush cleanser once a month, this brush is still soft and smooth.

Jane Iredale Eye Contour Brush Bristles

It has shed a hair or two once when I happened to overdo with the cleansing process on the same day, though. The metal gripper enables firm handling and smooth application. This new eye contour brush has replaced my earlier eyeshadow brushes and I tend to use this one more often since it helps to work into the crease, giving a better definition to my eyes and creating a flawless look.

Pros for Jane Iredale Eye Contour Brush:

⦁ The unique angle and width of this brush help create mistake-proof eye makeup
⦁ Enables you to apply colour with accuracy and comfort
⦁ Can be used to apply base eyeshadow and crease eyeshadow both
⦁ Flat brush with a tapered contour for working in the crease
⦁ Made of natural pony hair
⦁ Soft and smooth texture
⦁ Metal gripper

Cons for Jane Iredale Eye Contour Brush:

⦁ None in my opinion

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Recommend Jane Iredale Eye Contour Brush?
Yes, definitely!
Would I Repurchase Jane Iredale Eye Contour Brush?
Yes, if required.

Thanks and Cheers!

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