Jane Iredale Zap&Hide Blemish Concealer – Z2 Review

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Skin tone: Moderately fair with warm undertones
Skin type: Combination to dry, sensitive
Concern: Uneven skin tone, dark spots

Hello everybody!

Today, I will be sharing my views on Jane Iredale zap and hide blemish concealer. This duo product claims to give a clean look and a soothing feeling to the skin. To know how far this claim is true, please continue to read.

Jane Iredale Zap&Hide Blemish Concealer Review

Price: £16.76 for 3 g, after discount |BUY THIS PRODUCT HERE|

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Product Description:
Zap and hide blemish concealer pleasantly and effectively zaps your blemishes and hides them too! Available in three shades.
Key Ingredients:
Psoralea corylifolia extract helps to soothe redness and irritation.
Chamomile helps to soothe redness and irritation.
Green tea leaf oil is an antioxidant that soothes and calms.

How to Use:
Use the colourless balm to disinfect the cause of your blemish and concealer cream to conceal/camouflage.

My Experience with Jane Iredale Zap&Hide Blemish Concealer – Z2:

Packaging: This comes packaged in a dual sided gun-metal coloured stick with a cap on each side. The duo product has a balm on one side and the concealer on the other end. It has travel friendly packaging.
stick closed
As a teenager, I had a combination to oily skin and pimples were all over my face. I used to prick them, which resulted in several scars and marks. As of now my skin is combination to dry and also sensitive which reddens and burns easily. I have uneven skin tone and several brown and some dark spots. Also my combination to dry and sensitive skin reacts to some new products in an absurd way. I get occasional breakouts or one or two bumps near my chin, jawline or on my cheeks or forehead easily. Hence I decided to pick this duo product.

stick open

This is a dual sided product, with a colourless balm on one side and a concealer on the other end.
balmThe balm helps to disinfect and soothe blemishes, whereas the concealer cream helps to camouflage and conceal. The balm is colourless and the consistency is balmy, easy to apply and blend.
concealerThe concealer has a soft creamy texture and Z2 is a medium yellow shade which suits my moderately fair skin with warm undertones. Concealer applies and blends easily. I first apply the balm directly on the problem area from the stick and then dab it using my forefinger, followed by the concealer directly from the stick and dabbing or blending using my forefinger again.
I have used this duo product on my blemishes, the stubborn bump on my chin and the most obvious dark spots on my cheeks. The following day, I noticed the bump had become smaller and less obvious. Even the dark spots seemed to be less obvious the following day, even after the face being washed and cleaned thoroughly. However, it does not help in getting rid of them, nor does it irritate or aggravate them.

This is a temporary spot treatment, for regular use or those special occasions when you do not want others to notice your flaws. Amazingly, the effect stays till the following day, hence in my opinion, regular and continuous use of this duo product may give better and long lasting results. Well, opinions and experiments do differ from person to person!

Pros for Jane Iredale Zap&Hide Blemish Concealer – Z2:

• A double sided tube that conceals while it soothes and protects the skin.
• The blemish balm is a clear stick containing beneficial botanicals and antioxidants.
• The blemish concealer is highly pigmented, easily layered and creamy.
• Gentle enough to be used as often as needed.
• All shades are vegan and do not contain wheat.

Cons of Jane Iredale Zap&Hide Blemish Concealer – Z2 Review:

• None in my opinion.


Would I Recommend Jane Iredale Zap&Hide Blemish Concealer – Z2?
It has definitely given me good results to some extent, and so I do recommend, but let me warn you, that I have a friend who bought this product and she does not got agree with me.

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