JASred Pure Hibiscus Hair Gel Review

Hello everyone!
I guess all of us are battling with some or the other hair problems daily!

My hunt for good hair care products doubles up because my husband has a problem of dandruff. So I try buying products that can be used to treat both of our problems.
jasred pure hibiscus hair gel
But trust me after being regular on IMBB it is becoming really difficult to have limited products on the Bathroom shelves!

Coming to the point now- I was introduced to Brihans products by my sister-in-law, She uses its Cucumber gel and Aloe vera gel (already reviewed by Maansi) and seemed to be quite happy with both the products.

But this product was totally new for me, again purchased on a monthly visit to the supermarket. Actually I was deciding between Parachute Scalp therapie and this one and I ended up buying both. (I took snaps as soon as I got the product, because I knew I would review this)

Hibiscus is known to be a boon for hair. I’ve come across articles which say hair pack made up of Hibiscus leaves also does great wonders to the hair, which is why I had to buy this product.

Something about hibiscus from the website of Brihans:
Hibiscus is a wonder herb that covers all aspects of hair care:
Dandruff: It cleanses the scalp and limits the growth of harmful microbes on the scalp and thereby prevents the occurrence of dandruff and other scalp infections.
Thin Hair: It has a deep stimulating effect and promotes hair growth. It nourishes the hair roots and builds hair volume.
Premature Graying: It is an anti-oxidant and is rich in Vitamin C. It protects the hair from pollution and stress, and prevents premature graying of hair.
Split Ends: It is a natural hair conditioner known to soften the hair, improve its texture and prevent split ends.
product look
Okay about the Product
Indications: Scalp massage for hair nourishment(Preferably at bedtime) and prevention of dandruff.
Export Quality: Jaswand (Hibiscus rosasinensis) has proved to be especially beneficial for hair and scalp since ancient times. It is known to stimulate hair growth, help remove heat from the scalp and prevent dandruff and scalp infections.
Dosage: For best results, massage a thin layer on the scalp, twice a day. No immediate wash required. NOT A STYLING GEL.
Composition: Jaswand (Hibiscus) flower juice 5% w/w
Store in a cool and dry place, away from Sunlight. For external use only.
Ayurvedic Proprietary medicine. Best use within 3 years after Mfg.
Manufactured by : Brihans Natural products
Price: Rs 75/- for 100gm (+25 gm free)

What the website says:
Hibiscus flower (Hibiscus rosasinensis) has been used since ancient times throughout India, Polynesia, Southeast Asia, and Central and South America for its beneficial effects on hair and scalp. The crushed flowers are traditionally boiled in water or oil to produce an infusion applied to hair and scalp, a method that greatly lowers its effectiveness.

Jasred contains hibiscus flower juice in its purest form with its efficacy completely intact. Being in a non-oily gel form, Jasred is able to penetrate deep into the scalp and effectively treat hair roots and scalp. Jasred has been approved by the Dubai Herbal & Treatment Center, a premier alternative treatment institute of Middle East, and the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. It is also selling in the USA after being cleared by the USFDA.

My Experience with JASred Pure Hibiscus Hair Gel

Well I got this for my husband who doesn’t have time to get an oil massage at night or in the morning. As it was mentioned that “No immediate wash required”, I thought it would suit his busy schedule. But ultimately just like all other products I ended up using more of the product than him, as I also have traces of dandruff.

Well I liked the product. The only thing that went wrong was that I purchased it near the Winter season. It does give a cooling effect to the scalp. I applied it a day after I had washed my hair with a shampoo and conditioned it liberally.
gel swatch
I washed it with Plain water, to see the exact effect. It made my scalp really really Clean and Soft and Shiny( Normally my scalp feels a bit dry after shampooing and conditioning). This seemed to be a good alternative to the oil especially because applying oil is a lengthy process and this – easier. I keep doing so many procedures on the scalp alternatively that sometimes I cannot decide which thing actually stopped the occurrence of my problems 
So far I have applied it some 4-5 times and I am happy with it.
Summing up the Pros and Cons

Pros of JASred Pure Hibiscus Hair Gel

1. Natural product.
2. Smells lightly of Hibiscus.
3. Leaves my scalp and hair clean soft and shiny.
4. Needs only water to clean.
5. Little quantity needed.
6. Would be of great use during summers.
7. Price is pretty decent.
8. Would be available at supermarkets/ medical stores.

Cons of JASred Pure Hibiscus Hair Gel

1. Never tried on dirty hair, so don’t know of the results- If applied on dirty hair.
2. On using 4-5 times I did not find any significant change in my dandruff.
3. No idea as to, how would it behave with Oily skinned beauties.
4. Kept my dandruff at bay for 1-2 days (After that I oil my hair, and do some other procedures for hair care).
5. My hair is thick and has volume, so I do not know if – it improves the hair volume.
6. I have grey hair but for that I use Mehndi, so – I do not know if it helps with premature greying of hair.
7. I have very few split ends, so – I do not know if its effective on that.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5
I am happy with the product considering my hair type (Dry, Thick and wavy)

My verdict: Beauties with dry scalp and dry hair would surely benefit from this. Do try this product.

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22 thoughts on “JASred Pure Hibiscus Hair Gel Review

  1. I heard from my home that hibiscus alone is used as shampoo in olden days when people used to take bath in rivers or ponds.. They used to pluck leaves from hibiscus plants grown near by and rub in stones to form lather.. My mom used to add its leaves in herbal oil too made at home..
    nowadays she is not preparing cos of the non-availablity of all herbals used.. :thanks: for finding this product and sharing.. if you can tell me where it is available or any website links, I would be still more happier.. :balle:

    1. My grandmother and mom used to add hibiscus flowers and many other herbs to hair oils, but since we have almost given up on hair oils, they don’t make it anymore 🙁

  2. Thank you Nidhi for the review and introducing this product .I was actually looking for a hibiscus hair product,hopefully pure and no/less chemicals.This might work.Can u tell me if this is available in Mumbai?

  3. This looks pretty nice! :pigtail: :pigtail: :pigtail: But I’m not sure if I really need it. :methinks: I’ll think about it when I find it. 😀

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