Jergens Musk Moisturizer Review

Jergens Musk Moisturizer

Heyya Girls,

Winter is here and so along with the winter, we also have to welcome dry skin.  Though, I have oily face, my arms and legs are usually dry throughout the year and in winter, it gets even worse.  So, I have to use a good moisturiser no matter what and I hate it when the lotion leaves stickiness and at the end of the day, it attracts all the dust in the world making the skin dull and dark.  Finally, I found Jergens and fell in love with the brand, so today, I am going to review Jergens moisturiser “musk.”

Jergens Musk Moisturizer

Product Description:

Musk moisturizer will leave the skin smooth with an all day dazzling perfume .used daily, this lotion heals dry skin and imparts a vital and healthy look to your skin with increased moisture content and softness. Made with musk fragnance known for its strong long-lasting impact.


600 mL+150 mL (since I got 25% free).



Shelf Life:

4 years.

For all skin types.

My Take on Jergens Musk Moisturizer:

I usually pick up body lotions on my trips to UAE, so I don’t really know the price (sorry). It comes in their trademark cream bottle with a sea blue pump which makes it easier to dispense and apply. The reason I picked “musk” is for its smell.  It has this amazing smell which lingers on the skin for a really long time.  It is not like the strong manly musk scent, it nice and mellow.

The consistency is creamy, not too thick and not very runny.  It disappears into the skin, also makes the skin soft without making it oily.  After using it for a long time, almost 6 months, I realised it also makes the rough patches of skin (around the elbow/knee) smooth.

Jergens Moisturizer


Pros of Jergens Musk Moisturizer:

  • Dermatologist tested.
  •  Easy-to-use packaging.
  • Amazing long-lasting scent.
  • Not oily and sticky.
  • Works great on dry skin making it smooth.

Cons of Jergens Musk Moisturizer:

  • Contains parabens.
  • Availability.

My conclusion is that anyone with dry skin and wants a good moisturiser can get their hands on it, go for it, it’s just wonderful.

Will I Buy Jergens Musk Moisturizer Again?

Yes, but I will look for one which does not contain parabens.

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  1. i hve a very bad dry skin. do u think this work for me too? i hve super markets here in bangalore where i can get this. currently using avon’s signature body lotions n m ok ok with it. wat u say hana? ?:)

  2. hana i have read so much about jergens lotions bt never gave them a try. i will keep this one in mind while purchasing my next moisturizer. :))

    good morning everyone :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

      1. and I also watched Paranormal Activity 2…..dekh toh li bade maze se kal..but I was unable to sleep till 2 … :(( Now sleepy!! :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn:

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