Jessica Custom Nail Colour Cabernet Creme Review



Jessica Custom Nail Colour Cabernet Creme Review

Hello Lovelies,
Today, I shall be reviewing for you another nail coloru by Jessica.  I honestly do not remember purchasing this colour but it is a lovely colour that is so definitely apt for the fall season.


Product Description :
Jessica Nails nail colours are very popular amongst manicurists and consumers alike. Worn by a whole host of celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker, Demi Moore and Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Nails are world renowned for their outstanding variety of classic and custom colours that offer something for everyone, such is the huge range of different colours on offer.Jessica Nails array of distinctive nail colours are the favourites of manicurists and consumers alike for their passion to natural nail care and their superbly colourful collection that makes your nails look just as good as those of the Hollywood stars!Lose your inhibitions with Jessica Custom Nail Colour. So dare to dream of beautiful nails with Jessica’s Daydream.

jessica nail color
Product Price : 11.50 GBP

My Experience with Jessica Custom Nail Colour Cabernet Creme

The packaging of this colour is exactly identical to all their other colours I have reviewed earlier for you. The nail colour is packaged in a transparent glass cylindrical bottle with a black brush applicator. The brand name is inscribed onto the front of the bottle and the shade (with ingredients) are printed on the bottom of the nail colour. I personally do not like the packaging of Jessica Custom nail colour. I find it to be slightly plain and dull, not very eye catching. However the quality of the product makes up for the void.

The colour is a deep wine red and I love wine reds. Also, this colour has slight mauve hues to it. Moreover it has sparkle undertones, once applied they are barely visible. However, you are able to see it in the finish. It has a cream finish, but with a sparkle sheen finish to it. The colour is fully opaque and you can achieve a beautiful sheen with a single coat. However, call it out of habit or preference, I always paint my nails with 2 coats since I find it more sophisticated and the colour appears slightly richer.

shade cabernet creme

The consistency of the nail lacquer is essentially great and it has a relatively long shelf life. I had purchased this probably last year. It has not become thick or gooey nor do I need to mix any thinner in it to achieve a better consistency. Application is really easy and it glides seamlessly on my nails. The product retains well on the brush and you do not need to constantly dip the brush into your product. I was able to cover 2 nails by dipping it once into the bottle.


As for the drying time, it was really fast. I do not have to wait long for it to dry. It dries with a nice shine even without any top coat. However, I would suggest you to definitely apply a top coat for longer shine. Also the staying power is relatively good. It stayed on my nails for 5 days, with slight chipping on the edges, which were not entirely visible. But, if you are slightly OCD like me, then that might irritate you. So please apply a top coat for it to stay longer on your nails.

Pros of Jessica Custom Nail Colour Cabernet Creme

– A lovely deep red wine colour with shimmery undertones
– Gives a glossy sort of effect, it has a shimmery sheen to it.
– The colour is fully opaque with a good shine on one coat.
– Looks gorgeous on both long nails as well as short.
– Has a long shelf life.
– The consistency is just right.
– The drying time is fast.
– Has relatively good staying power.
– Will look good on all skin tones.

Cons of Jessica Custom Nail Colour Cabernet Creme

– The small chips might irritate those with OCD.
– The availability might be a nuisance.

Will I repurchase this ?

Probably not, I like the colour and everything but I prefer my Essie Bordeaux for a good wine red.

IMBB rating- 4.3/5.

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