Jessica Custom Nail Colour – Ruffled Bottoms

Jessica Custom Nail Colour – Ruffled Bottoms

Hello Ladies,

I have another nail lacquer to review for you all lovely people, it is yet again from the brand Jessica. It is called Ruffled Bottoms in the number 637. I would say it could be an almost identical dupe of OPI’s Pamplona Purple, so if you ladies really like this colour and cannot find it near you, the next best shade would be Pamplona Purple and I have reviewed the same earlier.

Product Description- Recognised as the best in the world, JESSICA offers over 200 Custom Colours with a rich depth of colour that glide onto the nail. With JESSICA you have the confidence of knowing you are using colours exclusively formulated for natural nails so the polish stays on…and on!

Product Price– £11.50

My Experience with Jessica Custom Nail Colour- Ruffled Bottoms

The colour is essentially a deep plum, with blue and red undertones. The finish of this colour on the nails once dried, is cream, and like I have always mentioned such finishes look absolutely gorgeous. Moreover it also has a glossy finish to it as well, which is great as that eliminates the need of applying a top coat. Like I said it is an almost identical dupe to OPI Pamplona Purple, so you can definitely purchase that one if you cannot find this colour in the market.

The consistency of this nail lacquer is much better than OPI’s though. It has a great texture and consistency, the product is able to glide on the nails with ease, which is lovely since I was not worried about the product bleeding into my cuticles while application. You will achieve a complete opaque colour with one coat of colour, however, if you want the sheen and a rich colour on your nails apply two and three for a darker grape purple. The drying time of this nail paint was relatively fast too, I guess it is cause of the great formula Jessica attains. You don’t need to wait for too long, when you apply 2 coats. But for 3, I will advise you to be slightly more patient, since you might smudge the product on your nails. Which will result in double work, something I am sure you don’t want to do, I know I would not. Also like mentioned in my previous reviews, their brush applicator lets you have great control over your application. However, I sometimes wish all nail polishes adopted Sally Hansen’s flat brushes, because those are the easiest when applying nail paints, but this one is great too. I have no complaints from it so far.

As for the staying power, the nail colour has a really long life on my nails. It will stay on my nails, without a base coat or a top coat for a week or so. And the sheen is maintained through those 7 days, which is a great sigh of relief.


Pros of Jessica Custom Nail Colour- Ruffled Bottoms

– A lovely plum coloured nail paint with red and blue undertones.
– Has a nice sheen on top.
– The formula is of a great constancy and does not get old or stale, so definitely has a long shelf life.
– Would look great on all skin tones.
– Has a relatively quick drying time.
– You are able to achieve fully opaque colour with one coat.
– Has a great staying power on my nails, without a top coat
– The brush applicator is great for application, allows you to have full control on your actions.


jessica custom nail color ruffled bottoms

Cons of Jessica Custom Nail Colour- Ruffled Bottoms

– None I can think of except its availability in India.

Will I repurchase Jessica Custom Nail Colour – Ruffled Bottoms?

I have yet not finished this bottle, so it shall be a while before I actually do repurchase it.

IMBB rating– 4.5/5.

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