Jessica Custom Nail Colour – Solar Eclipse

Jessica Custom Nail Colour- Solar Eclipse (914)

Hello Ladies,

Did you guys have a good weekend so far? Did anyone of you catch up on new movies? I still have a lot of catching up to do. And the worst bit is, Hindi movies here only stay in cinemas for 2 weeks, so clock is ticking. Anyway, I have another nail colour for you today, it is again by Jessica. As you can see I have loads of these colours at home and I love how they have quintessential shades, which really make a difference to the appearance of your nails. The shade I am going to be reviewing today is yet another colour that falls under that category, it is called Solar Eclipse.
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Product Description- Jessica Nails nail colours are very popular amongst manicurists and consumers alike. Worn by a whole host of celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker, Demi Moore and Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Nails are world renowned for their outstanding variety of classic and custom colours that offer something for everyone, such is the huge range of different colours on offer.Jessica Nails array of distinctive nail colours are the favourites of manicurists and consumers alike for their passion to natural nail care and their superbly colourful collection that makes your nails look just as good as those of the Hollywood stars!Lose your inhibitions with Jessica Custom Nail Colour. So dare to dream of beautiful nails with Jessica’s Daydream.14.8ml

Product Price- £ 11.50

My Experience with Jessica Custom Nail Colour- Solar Eclipse

If I had to sum this colour up, I would say it reminds me of an inky blue colour. The ink that is inside your gel pen, but slightly darker, if you know what I mean! It is definitely not a navy blue, but it has purple undertones to it. I think I purchased this colour when I was going through my blue nail paint phase, I have about 5-6 Nail colours in different shades of blue and I was going for a navy blue colour, but ended up with this. I am not saying though that this colour is bad,but it will only suit certain skin tones is what I am saying.
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The packaging is classic Jessica, no difference there. The colour actually stands out in the packaging according to me and looks absolutely glorious in the bottle. The brush as I have said before, is not flat, but it is of a good quality to have control over your movements and strokes.

The colour is not streaky upon application and is fully opaque with just one coat, however I would strongly recommend that you apply 2-3 coats to get a darker and richer colour if you don’t want your nails to look like they are stained with fountain pen ink. I always try and apply 3 coats, I know, it takes a lot of patience, but it will be worth it in the end. Because it is highly pigmented, application needs to be done rather carefully, since it might stain your cuticles cause of its colour. As for the formula, it is relatively smooth to apply, it is not too thick or gooey. The brush retains enough product, so you don’t have to double dip. Nor is it too thin, that it bleeds into your cuticles. It has a cream finish when it dries, which is great since I enjoy such finishes. It also has a nice sheen to it, so you do not really have to apply a top coat to it. The drying time is great, it dries really fast, just as you apply 2 coats you wait for 10 minutes and you’re done. It has great staying power too, I never see any chips, not even tiny ones with Jessica’s formula. One advise I would always give you is to cap your free edge of the nail when you apply nail paints, since it makes your manicure last longer.
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Pros of Jessica Custom Nail Colour- Solar Eclipse

– A nice quirky colour, which can be built into a richer blue with the help of more strokes.
– The formula does not bleed into your cuticles.
– It is highly pigmented (can be a boon or a bain, depends on the individual).
– Has great staying power, does not chip very easily.
– Dries relatively quickly.
– Has a cream finish, so looks lovely on the nails, also has a pretty sheen to it once dried.
– Can be used for nail art! Add a layer of glitter nail polish and it shall look lovely.

Cons of Jessica Custom Nail Colour- Solar Eclipse

– Some people might not like this colour.
– It might not suit some skin tones.
– Application needs to be done rather carefully cause of the deep pigmentation.

Would I repurchase Jessica Custom Nail Colour- Solar Eclipse ?

I have developed my sense of colour in nail polishes now, I prefer more darker richer colours, so probably a no from my end. Having said that, a colour like this is great to have in your nail colour collection.

IMBB rating– 3.55/5

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